GCSE results August 2017 – best results ever!

Quite simply, it has been a delight to celebrate the successes of Studley High School pupils’ GCSE results this year. The class of 2017 have achieved the best results in the school’s history, even when set against the backdrop of educational reform. We would like to congratulate all of our pupils on their efforts in ensuring they did the best they could.

The overall results are fantastic with almost 90% of pupils achieving a pass in English and over 80% achieving a pass in Maths. These are excellent results and mean that 78% of pupils achieved a pass in both English and Maths. Perhaps the most telling figures are those demonstrating that across all faculties GCSE A*-C grades have improved further or remained strong. In the arts subjects with Art, Photography, Music and Drama pupils averaged 90% A*-C grades. In Science where over 50% of the cohort sat Triple Science GCSEs we have Biology on 100% A*-C and Chemistry and Physics with 99% and 96% A*-C respectively. The record results continue in Humanities with almost 85% of pupils achieving A*-C in Religious Studies (with almost 150 entries!), 75% A*-C in Geography and in History where 25% of pupils achieved A and A* grades and performed above national results.
In the Technology and IT subjects, pupils have performed very strongly with 100% A*-C grades in Food Technology and also in Catering and the majority of pupils achieving A*-C in Resistant Materials. Business Studies pupils celebrate almost 85% A*-C grades.
In languages the 100% A*-C grades continue in German and French results are over 70% A*-C. Pupils have also performed well in PE where almost 80% achieved A*-C grades.
It is such a  pleasure to see the strength of performance across a broad curriculum. This can be seen in the fact that 24% of all grades were A or A* and over 50 pupils achieved at least 3 A/A* grades.
In terms of individual successes we have some very high attainers. For ease of comparison we are reporting GCSE grade 8 as A*
Congratulations to:
Eleanor Sutton Smith in achieving 5A* and 5A grades
Michael Parry for achieving Grade 9 in Maths, 4A*grades, 3A grades and 2Bs
Madeline Ritchie for achieving Grade 9 in Maths, 3A* grades, 5A grades and a B
Chloe Burborough for achieving a grade 9 in English, 3A* grades, 4A grades and 2 Bs; Rosalie Oakes for achieving a Distinction in Music, 2A* grades, 6A grades and a B
Rachel Herbert for achieving 3A* grades, 5A grades and 2 B grades
Olivia Rambini for achieving 2A* grades, 7A grades and a B
Emily Saunders  for achieving 1A* and 9A grades
Mollie Rycroft Stanley for achieving 2A* grades, 6A grades and 2 B grades
Alex Hopkins for achieving 1A*, 7A grades and 2 Bs
Eleanor Duffy for 8A grades, 1 B and 1C
Hattie Runacres for achieving 1A*, 7As, 1B and a C
Katie Nyul for achieving 3A* grades, 4A grades
Georgia Bowling for achieving 2A* grades, 5A grades and 3 B grades
Bradley Usher for achieving 1A*, 6A grades and 3Bs
In terms of progress made since year 7 and GCSE results the following pupils have also performed superbly:
Harry Watkins achieved Grade 5 in English Literature a distinction in IT, 1B, 5Cs and a 3 across other subjects
Jennifer Williams with 1A*, a distinction, 2As, 2Bs and 2Cs
Megan Walton with 5As and 5Bs
Alice Ingleby achieved 1A*, 6 Grade Bs and 3Cs
Sophia Musgrove with 3A*s, 2As and 5Bs
Obviously, it will take a couple of months to get the final picture as there are always remarks and further breakdowns to look at but that will only add further to a wonderful set of results.
Once again, well done to all of year 11. You worked hard and deserved to do brilliantly. The overall results are absolutely amazing!
Mr L Gray