Studley High School, Warwickshire; a comprehensive school where pupils of all abilities can develop and thrive as individuals and as part of a community. We encourage all pupils to understand that belief in oneself, when combined with integrity and ‘doing the right things in the right way’ will lead to success.
We promote excellence in all that we do so that everyone at Studley High School can support the school aims in;

  • Promoting high expectations of all
  • Encouraging mutual respect, support and trust so that all can achieve their best
  • Maintaining a place where honesty, openness and fairness lead to outstanding relationships
  • Developing high levels of self esteem
  • Ensuring belief, self confidence and resilience is celebrated in our pupils
  • Always aiming higher and being ambitious for the future
  • Promoting high levels of wellbeing for all
  • Developing curious citizens who can communicate effectively and embrace technology
  • Demonstrating the Studley Values in their day to day experience

It is paramount to the success of pupils that they are prepared fully for the challenges and opportunities that await them as they move on to post 16 life. We work hard to equip pupils with the skills and character attributes to thrive and make positive contributions to society. In a world where technology and social dynamics are ever evolving we are committed to preparing pupils to embrace and adapt to change.

Studley Values

Adaptable | Aspirational | Charitable | Creative | Independent | Mature | Resilient | Selfless