Welcome to the canteen

We serve a range of food and drink to keep you energised and full throughout the day. We try to source most of our ingredients from local companies, meaning they are the freshest and the tastiest. We have a 4 week menu rotation. See below for our current menu.

If you’re a pasta fan, come and visit our ‘Pasta Station’ in the hall at lunchtime, and you will find freshly cooked pasta with a different array of sauces everyday, available in two sizes to suit any appetite.

We also provide a great range of grab’n’go, which includes sandwiches, salads and baguettes that are made freshly on site every morning. We have freshly cut fruit and veg including carrots, apples and grapes and an amazing array of baked-on-site cakes and biscuits. You can get cold food from our brand new ‘Snack Shack’ in the playground at lunchtime as well! Hot food is served in the canteen.

If you think you might be entitled to free school meals please click here.

Meal Deal

Deli of the day + plain water + mini pack biscuits =£2.34

Pizza – £1.20
Sausage roll – £1.20
Waffles – £1.00
Home bakes – 60p
Cereal bars – 70p
Muffins – £1.10
Popcorn – 90p
Mini pack biscuits – 40p
Cookies – 60p
Fruit pots – 60p
Carrots Sticks – 40p

Bonnies Deli of the day – £2.20
Veggie meal – £2.20
Half meal – £1.10
All Sandwiches – £1.60
All Baguettes – £1.90
Small pasta Pot- £2.00 (Cheese topping – 10p)

Water – 60p
Capri sun – 55p
Flavoured Water – 80p