In the summer term of 2015 we reviewed and changed our rewards system.  We felt as a staff and student body that the rewards system was outdated and was not acting as motivation for our pupils.  The pupils came up with the things that they would like to be rewarded for and the following is now the new reward system.

House System
The house system that was introduced in 2009 has been successful in many ways at Studley High School particularly in promoting positive relationships between pupils, pupils in different year groups and teachers and pupils. The house system will now underpin the new rewards system. Pupils will be rewarded as individuals, as part of a group and as part of their house.
Pupils earn points for their house in one of the following ways:

  • Consistent positive attitude to learning
  • Progress/Attainment in a subject
  • 100% attendance
  • A magic moment within a lesson
  • Promoting Studley values

When will I be rewarded?

Consistent positive attitude to learning
Acknowledgement of pupils who achieve all 1’s with a maximum of one 2 in their termly data collection for attitude to learning.

  • Letter from the Headteacher
  • Certificate in termly achievement assembly
  • 10 House points for pupil
  • 10 House points for House 

Progress/attitude to learning in a subject
Acknowledgement of pupils who have made outstanding progress/ attainment in lessons.
Each teacher nominates a pupil for attainment and progress in each teaching group.

  • Certificate in termly achievement assembly.
  • 10 House points for pupil per certificate.
  • 10 House points for House per certificate

100% Attendance
Acknowledgement of pupils who achieve 100% across a term.

  • Certificate in termly achievement assembly.
  • 10 House points for pupil.
  • 10 House points for House. 

Magic moment in a lesson
A moment when a pupil achieves above and beyond in or out of a lesson e.g quality in answering a question, quality of homework, helpful in tutor time.

  • Pupil is awarded a House point
  • House is awarded a House point.

Studley Values
Acknowledgement of when a pupil displays a Studley value.

  • A postcard home
  • 10 house points for pupils.
  • 10 house points for house.

All departments will be running challenges/competitions through out the year.
We have four Student Pastoral Managers who are each assigned to a house to support both pupils and parents and are available to contact within the school day.