Mrs R Morland
Lead Teacher of Geography

Mrs J Hodges
Mr T Blazak

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Geography Programme of Study – Key Stage 3


What is Geography: Human, physical and environmental geography.

Map skills: How to use a variety of maps of different scales

The Home Region: Understanding of the local area and its characteristics. Local fieldwork investigation.

Weather and climate: The British weather, extreme weather events, climate change

Hot and cold places: The location and characteristics of desert and Arctic biomes

Our planet: The Geological timescale and the development of life on earth. Rocks, weathering and soils. Glaciation and landforms.

World Geography: Locational knowledge of the world’s continents, countries, cities, oceans and physical features. A study of Asia.


Africa: The physical and human features of this continent. An in depth look at the Horn of Africa.

Economic Activity: Levels of development, job sectors, globalisation and world trade.

Coasts: A study of our changing coastline. Processes of coastal erosion, transportation and deposition. Human uses of coastal environments.

Population and settlement: Population density and distribution. Urbanisation and migration.

Rivers: River features and processes. Human uses and impacts.

Plate tectonics; Structure of the earth, causes and effects of earthquakes and volcanoes.

Key Stage 4 (Year 9, 10, 11)

OCR Geography A (Geographical Themes) J383

Living in the UK: Landscapes of the UK, people of the UK, UK environmental challenges.

The world around us: Ecosystems of the planet, people of the planet, Environmental threats to our planet.

Geographical skills: including fieldwork assessment based on a 2 day fieldwork educational visit.

Useful websites for revision:

BBC Bitesize
CIA World Factbook
BBC Learning Zone

Out and About!

  • Year 11 visited Birmingham this year, to look at land use across the city as part of their GCSE course. During the Summer Term of 2017 the GCSE Geographers will be spending 2 days conducting fieldwork at various locations within the UK.
  • Year 7 visit Studley and Year 10 visit Stratford upon Avon to conduct fieldwork as part of their GCSE course.
  • Previous trips include: Italy where we spent time in Rome and Sorrento, Year 11 students took part in a fieldwork visit to North Wales in 2015 to study glaciation and practise their map reading skills.