ASPIRE pupils were lucky enough to be invited to a VIP experience with Hagley Falconry centre this week, and their wonderful birds of prey.
A new initiative introduced this year, the ASPIRE programme currently has a key group of 27 pupils across Years 7 and 8, who are receiving additional support throughout this academic year. This support is to ensure they do their absolute best in homework, effort, attendance, and/or behaviour, to further improve their academic achievement and reach their full potential.
Fiona, from Hagley Falconry centre, introduced us to 6 wonderful birds of prey:

Tom – American Kestrel
Mr Burns – Long Eared Owl
Boo – Boobook Owl
Puddle – Harris Hawk
Mr Jangles – Spectacled Owl
Nugget – Bateleur Eagle

Hagley Falconry centre currently house and display a wide variety of Eagles, Vultures, Hawks, Falcons and Owls native to the UK and from around the world.
The ASPIRE students were able to get up close and personal, enjoying seeing them fly, learning about their life in captivity and in the wild, interesting facts it was easy to see the excellent relationship between Fiona and all of the birds. The pupils asked superb questions and showed a real interest in learning about the birds. It was also great to see them pushing themselves to stroke the bird, or have it fly close to them, something which some had been very nervous about beforehand.