Studley High School
Crooks Lane
B80 7QX

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#5 School Office

#1 Finance
#2 Shires Teacher Training
#3 Site Team
#4 Kitchen

[email protected]

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CEO – Shires Multi Academy Trust
Mr L Gray

Mr R Eost

Deputy Headteachers
Mrs R McGhie
Mr M Maudsley

Assistant Headteachers
Mrs M Dudley
Mr M Rushton
Mrs G Scott

School Business Manager
Mr R Harrington

PA to Headteacher & HR Manager
Mrs Y Clarke

School Data Protection Officer
[email protected]
Warwickshire Legal Services
PO Box 9
Shire Hall
Warwick, CV34 4RL

School Communications Officer
Mrs L Price

Finance Queries
Mr R Harrington (School Business Manager)
Mrs J Caulwell (Parentpay & General Finance Queries)

Extended Leadership Team
Ms Z Haines (Curriculum Area Lead for Science)
Ms M Hatfield (Curriculum Area Lead for Mathematics)
Mrs L Monfardini (SENCO)

Heads of Year
Mr M Ormerod/Mrs J Howitt (Year 7)
Mr J Sidhu (Year 8)
Mrs A Yeomans (Year 9)
Mr A Howitt (Year 10)
Mr D Rose (Year 11)

Year Pastoral Managers
Mrs S Smith (Year 7)
Mrs L Skinner (Year 8)
Mrs D Guest (Year 9)
Mrs C Stanway (Year 10)
Miss L Lakin (Year 11 & Senior Pastoral Manager)

Special Educational Needs
Mrs L Monfardini

Exams Officer
Mr K Greda

Mrs D Yapp

Mrs M Parsonage

Mrs L Grubb

School Trip Enquiries
Mrs J Caulwell

Options Curriculum
Mr M Rushton

Mrs R Dixon

Peripatetic Music Lessons
Mrs L Grubb

Teacher Training, Shires Alliance & Marketing/Design
Miss R Jordan

Site Manager
Mr T Browning

Please note: Parents who require information not available on this website can contact the school via telephone, e-mail or post.

The school is responsible for the health and safety of both staff and pupils on site, and for this reason we cannot allow adults to enter the site unannounced. Please follow the procedure outlined below.

  1. If you wish to speak to a member of staff in person you are asked to telephone and make an appointment.
  2. Unless there is an emergency parents are not allowed to enter the school without an appointment.
  3. If you have an appointment please enter the school at the main entrance and sign in at reception. We do not allow parents to enter the building through any other outside doors, and will report to the police any unauthorised adults who are found on the site.

We are sure that you appreciate the need to safeguard pupils in school and staff in their workplace, and thank you for complying with this procedure.

The school may be contacted by telephone between 8.15am and 3.45pm, when the switchboard is open. An answerphone service operates outside these hours and messages are checked each morning.