The ‘Studley Promise’ 

The ‘Studley Promise’ was introduced in 2019 as a response, in part, from parental/ student feedback. It was felt by many students that more enrichment opportunities could be offered from different departments, beyond the classroom. From a parent’s perspective, this was also echoed. However, many parents noted that greater understanding of what trips would be offered throughout their pupil’s time at Studley High School, would also aid planning and budgeting. 

The ‘Studley Promise’ aims to highlight the different opportunities that are available at Studley High School. None of these are compulsory (with the exception of Geography fieldwork at GCSE) however, we have carefully planned trips to be spaced out, where possible, and ensure that all year groups get a variety of opportunities offered to them. Alongside our challenging and ambitious curriculum offer, we recognise that a student’s life at school goes further than just what happens in a classroom; it comprises all experiences offered within our school. Our ‘Studley Promise’ guarantees that every child will have the opportunity to discover and develop lifelong interests and talents throughout their time at high school. 

All trips offered will be communicated to parents in good time. Financial support is also available for anyone in receipt of pupil premium/ free school meals. 

‘The Studley Promise’ ensures that all enrichment activities are directly related to the curriculum studied. We have high ambitions for all students at Studley High school and we want them to leave us as confident, responsible, independent and resilient young people. The ‘Studley Promise’ sits at the heart of this.