Within the Shires Multi Academy Trust, each academy school has its own Local Governing Body (LGB) with delegated authority from the Trust Board.

Our LGB meets 6 times a year.

The Chair of our Local Governing Body is Mr Neil Robinson.

Members of the Local Governing Body (LGB):

  1. Mr Neil Robinson (Chair)
  2. Mr Richard Eost (Headteacher)
  3. Mrs Jo Lumley (staff)
  4. Mrs R Morland (staff)
  5. Mr David Lee
  6. Mrs Emma Jones
  7. Mrs Caroline Taylor
  8. Ms Ella Whitehouse
  9. Dr Karen Hansen

Remit and Responsibilities of LGB:

The powers and functions delegated by the Shires Multi Academy Trust Board to the LGB are set out in detail in the Shires Multi Academy Trust’s Scheme of Delegation and includes the following:

1. To oversee the running of the academies in terms of learning, standards, safety and wellbeing.

2. Ensure that the wellbeing of students is maintained through, for example:

    • student attendance and monitoring systems, enabling access to education
    • effective arrangements for Child Protection and Safeguarding
    • meeting the statutory requirements relating to equality legislation

3. Ensure a high quality curriculum.

4. To ensure that the Academy or Academies are conducted in accordance with the objects of the Trust, the terms of any trust governing the use of the land which is used for the purposes of an Academy, any agreement entered into with the Secretary of State for the funding of the Academy or Academies and these Terms of Reference.

5. To support effective financial systems and processes within the academy.
6. To act as a critical friend to the Headteacher.
7. To support the development and maintenance of a highly effective staff body.
8. Ensure effective Monitoring and Evaluation of school provision.
9. Ensure effective Health and Safety systems and processes within the academy.

Business Register of Interests:

Mr Neil RobinsonNone declared
Mr Richard EostEmployee of SHS
Mrs J Lumley Staff GovernorEmployee of SHS
Mrs R Morland Staff GovernorEmployee of SHS
Mr David LeeNone declared
Mr David Stanley (retired 20.1.22)None declared
Mrs E JamesNone declared
Mrs Caroline TaylorGovernor of Studley St Mary's CofE Academy
Dr Karen HansenNone declared
Ms Ella WhitehouseGovernor of Studley St Mary's CofE Academy