Our aims: 

The rewards and sanction system at Studley High School is a key part of developing the potential of young people, and the relationships between staff and students, by giving encouragement and praise. It is monitored by our strong tutor and House team to ensure that efforts and achievements are recognised and behaviour that falls below expectations is monitored and intervention developed that supports young people in a timely manner, but also holds them accountable for actions and decisions made. 

Studley High School is a comprehensive school where a unique partnership exists between staff, parents, pupils and our wider community. We are proud of our school and the education and opportunities we offer. We promote excellence in all that we do so that everyone at Studley High school can support the school aims: 

  • We believe in high expectations for all members of the school community.
  • We believe pupils should develop an enthusiasm for learning and that they should willingly seek to gain knowledge and understanding about the world around them.
  • We believe pupils should be provided with the guidance, information and resources necessary to help them learn.
  • We believe it is our duty to teach pupils the skills necessary for effective and efficient learning.
  • We believe that pupils should develop a sense of pride in themselves and their school, so that they always aim to achieve the highest possible standards of work in all subjects.
  • We believe that we should create an environment that fosters the personal qualities, skills and self-confidence necessary for success in their chosen career and personal life.
  • We believe in developing high levels of self-esteem, self-confidence, and resilience in our pupils.
  • We believe that pupils should develop a sense of respect for themselves, other individuals and their environment.
  • We believe in promoting high levels of wellbeing for all.
  • We believe in demonstrating the Studley Values in the pupils’ day to day experience.
  • We believe pupils can accept responsibility for their own behaviour.
  • We believe in restorative interventions that support pupils reflecting on decisions they have made and helps develop effective character and learning habits.
  • We believe that behaviour and conduct that goes ‘above and beyond’ should be acknowledged and rewarded.
  • We believe every pupil can meet our expectations.
  • We celebrate when pupils demonstrate evidence of the following key values: Independence, resilience, aspiration, creativity, adaptability, charitable, selflessness and maturity.

We believe that these aims are more likely to be achieved if there is a togetherness/partnership between the school, the pupils and the parents based on mutual trust, respect and understanding 

We believe that our school is special – something sets us apart and we refer to it as the ‘Studley DNA’. 

All pupils are placed into a house – either Abbey, Castle, Manor or Priory. This ensures that pupils will be able to take part in the house competitions but also have that sense of family through the one house with a Progress Manager to be there for all welfare concerns and a Head of House from the Leadership team.

Here are our Heads of House:

Mr Howitt : Head of Abbey House

Mr Howitt

Head of Abbey House


How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world’. –Anne Frank

The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be’. –Ralph Waldo Emerson

To be leading Abbey house is such a privilege and working with an incredible group of talented, enthusiastic and brilliant students makes me proud. From afar, I have witnessed the drive and determination of Abbey pupils, from winning sports day to achieving fantastic house points totals.
I am incredibly fortunate to have a fantastic pastoral manager in Mrs Hulburd and a group of hardworking and dedicated tutors working within the Abbey House.
Winning the house cup is not what it is all about, it is about taking part and all students being motivated to get involved and appreciating and believing in the Studley Values.
However, it is easy to say this when we currently sit at the top of the tree as the holder of the House Cup, something, I am planning on winning for many years to come! Bring it on Castle, Manor and Priory.

Mrs Howitt : Head of Castle House

Mrs Howitt

Head of Castle House


I have been teaching at Studley High School since 2016 and have had the privilege of leading Castle House since 2019. I thoroughly enjoy seeing the Castle pupils daily in tutor time and around school and witnessing their drive and determination throughout every aspect of the school.

I am lucky to work alongside Mrs Smith, the Castle Pastoral Manager, who goes above and beyond for every student in our house. We are both in a fortunate position where we get to take every step in shaping our students' futures, encouraging them to become resilient, compassionate and confident young adults.

As a PE teacher I am extremely competitive and the students in my house mirror this through their attitudes around school and involvement in school and House competitions. Castle have won countless competitions and lifted the House Trophy several times and we will endeavour to do it again!

I am respectful of my Manor, Abbey and Priory colleagues and wish them every success….. Apart from in any house competitions!!

Mr Sidhu : Head of Manor House

Mr Sidhu

Head of Manor House


I have been teaching science at Studley High since 2009 and am incredibly proud to be the leader of Manor House from 2017. I work alongside a dedicated pastoral manager, Mrs Warman, and a superb team of tutors.

It is my principle responsibility to maintain an overview of the pastoral and academic learning of students in Manor House. My aim is to lead by personal example, to motivate, encourage enthusiasm, and foster a community of responsible, resilient students ready for learning and life beyond school.
Students are the heart of Manor house and are encouraged to be compassionate, confident and committed to everyone’s moral and academic learning. I want all students to stand up and be proud of who they are, to know that they have a voice that can be heard.
I am incredibly lucky to work in such a community spirited school and, as Head of House, I am passionate about supporting staff and students to be the best that they can be.

Mr Rose : Head of Priory House

Mr Rose

Head of Priory House


Looking inward. Reaching outward. Pressing forward
Priory Statement

Prior to teaching, I had a broad range of career opportunities from working in catering, manufacturing and supporting adults with learning disabilities. In 2006, I decided that I wanted a complete career change and would train to become a teacher. I studied Theology and History at Newman University College and went on to complete a PGCE course with the sole aim to specialise as a Religious Studies teacher.

Whilst on my second placement at Studley High School in 2008, I was given the opportunity to be employed full time, as the previous Head of Department was moving on to a different school. Since then, I have gone to be an active member of the school community and have taken on many new roles including, Head of Religious Studies, Curriculum Area Leader for Humanities and Head of Priory House in 2016.

I am very proud of my achievements at Studley High School and I really enjoy my Head of House role. To put it simply, there is no other job like it! It enables me to closely support students in a more personal way and fully understand what life is really like for Priory students, both at Studley High School and in their personal lives. It is a real blessing every day to work alongside such an amazing staff body and have the opportunity to support students within Priory House, who all add value to the school community in their own unique way.

As a House Lead, my main aim is to support the health and well being of all students in Priory House. I strongly believe that happiness is the key to success and with support from myself, Mrs Guest and the tutors within Priory House, we endeavour to ensure that your happiness and safety are never compromised. In times of difficulty or self-doubt, we promise to provide unconditional support and guidance to help Priory students overcome these obstacles in life, so they are equipped with the necessary skills to fulfil their academic potential and become independent, self-reliant young adults when you leave school.

In addition to day-to-day learning, I want students of Priory House to fully experience what Studley High School has to offer. Whether it is school trips, residentials, extra-curricular opportunities, clubs, Sports Days, or House competitions, I will be there to encourage and support Priory students to be active members of the school community and celebrate and any successes that we achieve together.

Through the continued support of ‘Team Priory’, we aim to ensure that every student in Priory House strives to be the best version of themselves, and where possible, leave a positive imprint within Studley High School, the local community and the wider world.

Here are our House Progress Managers:

Ms L Lakin - Senior Pastoral Manager
Mrs S Smith (Transition) CASTLE
Mrs D Guest PRIORY
Mrs L Skinner MANOR

Each term we celebrate the success of each individual’s performance and also that of the house. For every certificate for progress, attainment and attendance, the pupil and the house are awarded house points. For every celebratory postcard sent home to an individual, the house receives house points. This means that we all work together to recognise our successes.

At the end of the year, the house with the most house points overall is awarded a trophy.

Rewards and Sanctions 

Through the Rewards and Sanction system, the School will endeavour to: 

  •  Make explicit the philosophy underlying the school’s system of rewards, sanctions and pastoral provision, 
  • Encourage staff to recognise and praise good behaviour as well as dealing with poor
    behaviour, and to ensure that sanctions, when needed, are appropriate and applied in a fair and consistent manner, 
  • Ensure that staff, pupils and parents know, and understand the reasons for, the school rules and code of conduct. 


Students are rewarded as individuals, as part of a group and as part of their house, thus fostering a tangible sense of belonging, healthy competitiveness and group achievement. 

Students earn positive points (House points) for their house in one of the following ways: 

  • Consistent positive attitude to learning earning house points 
  • Progress/Attainment in a subject through certificate nomination 
  • 100% attendance through certificate nomination 
  • A magic moment within a lesson rewarded with house points and/or postcards 
  • Promoting Studley values rewarded with postcards 

All departments also run challenges/competitions throughout the year through which more positive points can be earned for their house. 

Sanction System 

At Studley High School, we believe in a restorative approach that supports young people in making better choices and to display positive behaviours. The vast majority of our students behave very well and will rarely receive any significant level of sanction.  The information below gives an overview of some common sanctions used by the school.  These are not exhaustive and do not include arrangements made by agreement with parents/carers to support an individual student. We make no apologies for our high standards and holding young people (and parents/carers) accountable for their behaviour.   



Other notes 

In lessons 

Redirection  De-escalation through gentle encouragement.    
Verbal warning  A reminder of expectations is given, de-escalation where possible. 
Time-out  Reflection away from others if previous strategies have failed (in the classroom by moving seats or just outside- door left open for no longer than 5 minutes).  Class teacher using this at their discretion and may decide to follow this up with a restorative conversation outside of lesson time. 
Debit  A debit is issued, making the learner aware of their behaviour & the justification for the behaviour point Logged on Class Charts. 
Focus  Failing impact of previous strategies, or significant incidents of behaviour, the learner will be referred to a member of the leadership team/ HOH by calling for focus. The learner will begin the reflection process (Reflection Task, isolation until a detention has been served & conversation with teacher). Parents/carers will be notified.


Senior staff detentions  1.30 hour detention on Friday after-school with a senior member of staff. Issued only by Heads of House for the following: 

-If a student has had multiple “Focus removals” that week (at HOH discretion). 



-Bringing the school’s name into disrepute. 

-When the reflection process has broken down. 

Conduct around school 

Lateness (am registration)  HOH/SLT on morning duty to redirect pupils when arriving late and remind them of expectations. Debit received if no explanation. 

Tutor monitors increasing late marks and contacts parents 

HOH intervenes following further escalation. 

Punctuality (lateness to lessons)  Debit received if no explanation. Tutor monitors increasing late marks and contacts parents when necessary. 


Break/ Lunch detentions  Used for verbal/physical/socially unacceptable behaviour around school.  Led by the Pastoral Managers. 

Isolated incidents or escalating behavioural issues 

Tutor-Parent meeting 


Poor behaviour across school.  
HOD and Subject teacher meeting 


Persistent poor behaviour in lesson.  
HOH-Parent meeting 


Serious incidents around school, repeated “focus calls” or when the reflection process has broken down OR if the above two meetings have had minimal impact 
Senior Staff- Parent meeting 


Following previous meetings with HOH and failure to comply with school rules and strategies implemented by the HOH. 
Internal isolation   For persistent unacceptable behaviour or a serious “one-off” offence that can affect the discipline and well-being of the school community. 


An incident of rudeness towards staff, physical aggression, carrying banned items, refusal to co-operate, theft, vandalism, smoking/ drinking alcohol or ongoing unacceptable pattern of behaviour despite previous intervention. 

External exclusion 
Managed move  For serious or persistent breaches of school rules after multiple interventions and strategies implemented and several meetings with parents, a managed move to another school may be considered as a an option for parents. 


Permanent exclusion  For persistent unacceptable behaviour or a serious “one-off” offence that can affect the discipline and well-being of the school community. 


An incident of rudeness towards staff, physical aggression, carrying banned items, refusal to co-operate, theft, vandalism, smoking/ drinking alcohol or ongoing unacceptable pattern of behaviour, despite previous intervention.