The Science of Learning

What is our vision for the classroom?

We want our classrooms to be a place where teachers inspire, students succeed and learning galvanizes. At Studley High school, our teachers are passionate about the subjects they teach and they foster a positive culture in their classrooms that allows our young people to flourish and fulfil their potential.

We believe that quality first teaching is a key driving force in securing excellent outcomes for all students. We invest in the professional development of our staff to ensure that our pedagogical approach is based on the latest research. Teaching at Studley High School is underpinned by cognitive science which enables our students to gain the knowledge, skills and attributes to be successful learners and citizens. Retrieval, interleaving, dual coding, metacognition and Rosenshine’s principles are at the heart of our planning, delivery and resources.

When planning and delivering our schemes of work, we make sure that students feel invested in their curriculum through the use of the ‘Big Picture’. We want students to understand why they are studying key topics so that they can see how their skills and knowledge are building throughout the curriculum. We also share the ‘Big Picture’ so that students know what we expect of them – how can anyone be successful if they don’t know what success looks like? Sharing this allows students and teachers to work collaboratively, building towards shared goals.

Through the use of strategies like retrieval and interleaving, students’ memorability and skilful encoding within the brain becomes second nature. Our aim is that students leave us equipped with the necessary skills to be an independent learner, and a broad and diverse range of knowledge so that they are able to excel in whatever pathway they choose in life.

Our overall aim is to provide lessons that challenge, engage and motivate. Our teachers know our students well and adapt their lessons to respond to the emerging needs of the students they are entrusted with.

What do we expect from students?

It’s in our DNA…

  • Self-confidence, self-esteem, resilience… We want our students to gain confidence in the classroom. However, often students have to experience failure to become more confident. We ask students to be resilient in this process so that they can make the most of their learning journey.
  • Respect for themselves and others… We ask that students show respect for themselves by completing all work to the best of their ability. They should show respect to others by valuing their peers’ contributions in class and working collaboratively with the teacher.
  • A thirst for learning… We ask that students access all lessons with a positive attitude to learning and a sense of curiosity so that they can develop a wider understanding of the key concepts delivered in lessons.
  • Tools to be successful learners… We want our students to become independent learners. We equip students with the necessary skills through cognitive science and ask that students embrace the strategies that we teach throughout the curriculum.
  • Responsibility… We expect students to take responsibility for their own success through demonstrating positive behaviour and an excellent attitude to learning. We encourage students to take responsibility for their learning through metacognitive strategies.