Tutor System

This year we have moved from a Vertical Tutor system to a Year Group system. Each tutor group is aligned to one of our three houses Griffin, Pegasus or Phoenix. Form tutors are responsible for the pastoral care of the tutees with support from Pastoral Heads of Year and Pastoral Managers.

The tutor groups meet for twenty minutes on a daily basis. Tutor time forms a strong part of our curriculum offer and is planned for accordingly. Across the week, each tutor group will:

  • Use one session for analysis (house points, debits, attendance etc).
  • Complete guided reading tasks to promote literacy
  • Participate in Year Team and House assemblies
  • Complete a Social and Personal Education (SPE) focus task
  • Compete in a bi-weekly house quiz

Our tutoring system ensures that staff have a detailed knowledge of all students, working closely with the Pastoral team, to ensure that needs are met.
This decision to incorporate SPE focused activities was made intentionally, so that we can deliver a more effective programme which aligns to the year specific themes and priorities. Our ‘Spiralised Curriculum’ ensures that all government and safeguarding themes are covered in a meaningful and effective way, and we have the opportunity to respond to trends/themes pertinent to our local community.

The tutor system ensures that form tutors are the first point of contact and as such they underpin the rewards and sanctions systems at Studley. Class Charts is used to record all rewards and sanctions across the school and monitored and analysed regularly by the Pastoral Team to inform interventions.

Students are rewarded with house points, postcards, certificates, vouchers, and congratulatory letters for a variety of different reasons including consistent positive attitude to learning, progress/attainment in a subject, 100% attendance/high attendance, within a lesson and promoting Studley Values.

Celebration assemblies take place once a term in which we celebrate collectively as a Year Group/house. Whole school competitions are run throughout the year and are led by the Head of House team.

The role of the Form Tutor

The form tutor, at Studley High School, forms an integral part to our pastoral offer and the well-being of all students.

  • Are a first ‘port of call
  • Are a pastoral guide
  • Are an academic guide
  • Routinely use data effectively to support young people and their families in improving and maintaining behaviour and attendance.
  • Help promote and develop key values in preparing our students for life beyond Studley High. (Leadership and Integrity for example)
  • Help improve parental engagement
  • Help to support positive relationships and character values.