At Studley High School we believe that every student has the potential to be a successful leader. By integrating student leadership principles into many areas of school life, we ensure that opportunities are created for all of our students to experience these principles and practices. These will improve their leadership skills, benefitting their school life and beyond. 

We aim to encourage all students to explore the many opportunities available to them from Year 7 to Year 11. 

We place strong emphasis on developing our student leaders to be role models who are courageous in exploring and charting new grounds. 

Students are to be role models not only in lessons but in other aspects of school life and also outside of the school environment. Our student leaders are to set a good example to their peers, thereby positively influencing them through their actions. 

What Is Student Leadership? 

Student Leadership refers to educational principles and practices that reflect the importance of providing children with the opportunities and support to play a role in making the decisions that affect them. 

Effective student leadership will: 

  • Recognise that pupils have logical perspectives and opinions on issues that matter in the classroom, in the school, and in the community. 
  • Give pupils an active role enabling them to influence decisions about these issues as well as in the implementation of these decisions. 
  • Enable pupils to participate as active young citizens. 

There is much evidence to suggest that when pupils engage with Pupil Leadership Programmes that have a positive impact, their capacity for learning increases. 

Specific Aims of Our Student Leadership Programme 

There are four specific aims of the Student Leadership programme at Studley: 

  • To empower students to work in partnership with staff towards shared goals. 
  • To benefit the school community via the experiences, ideas and skills that our students bring. 
  • To provide opportunities to develop leadership skills through a variety of inspiring and challenging projects which impact positively on learning, our environment and the wellbeing of students at Studley High School. 
  • To prepare students for future academic and pastoral challenges and for achieving personal and professional excellence. 

Leadership Award  

If they wish to, prefects can work through our Leadership! Booklet – used to document evidence and achievements – leading to the awarding of a Bronze, Silver or Gold award and presentation of enamel badge. 

Staff sign off elements that have been successfully completed which work in conjunction with other requirements including acceptable attendance, punctuality, good behaviour and work in lessons. 

Studley High School appoints Prefects each year to undertake various roles and responsibilities around the school, both during the school day and at extra-curricular events. This is a perfect role for students in Year 10 and 11 who want to take on extra responsibility, extend their experience and provide themselves with opportunities for personal growth which will also support their applications to college and university and to the wider world of work. 

The application process is clear and formal and Studley High School Prefects are expected to establish and maintain the highest standards of behaviour and attitude at all times, providing a positive role model for other students across the school. 

Expectations of Prefects: 

  1. Prefects are to set an example at ALL times 
  2. They are ROLE MODELS to the rest of the school 
  3. Therefore, they must uphold the HIGHEST standards at all times – including uniform, adherence to school rules, effort, attendance, punctuality, attitude, respect, manners, motivation to work. 

Role of the Prefect: 

  1. To always work in the interest of the school  
  2. To help organise school events  
  3. To attend school events when required 
  4. To liaise and collaborate with each other as a team, to ensure efficiency and smooth running of their own area of responsibility and of the school as a whole. 
  5. To perform duties either at break time or at lunchtime. 
  6. To support departmental clubs and activities.

Prefects may apply for more Senior Roles within the team. 

Senior Prefects 

  1. Hold regular meetings to plan and organise events in and outside school. 
  2. To organise charity events with younger pupils. 
  3. To be an approachable Prefect to whom students can come to for assistance or support  
  4. To serve as councillors for younger students 
  5. Be positive and enthusiastic. Taking a lead in SHS house system. 
  6. Be able to encourage and motivate fellow students 

Head Boy/Girl and Deputy Head Boy and Girl

Following a rigorous interview process the appointed Head Boy and Girl work with the Head teacher and Senior Team to improve the Studley High School 

  1. Be able to feel confident and comfortable talking to and in front of both adults and students.   
  2. Lead speeches at Open Evenings/Parents Evenings 
  3. Have good organisational and communication skills and have a mature and thoughtful outlook. 
  4. Be able to lead assemblies 
  5. To attend one Governor’s meeting and report on how student voice has had an impact on the school’s planning. 
  6. Pass on students’ ideas and essentially voice the student body 
  7. Lead by example. Lead the Prefect Team. 
Head Girl Connie B
Head Boy Josh D
Deputy Head Girl Poppy R
Deputy Head Girl Rebecca D
Deputy Head Boy Johnny LH
Senior Prefect Alfie T
Senior Prefect Jessica S
Senior Prefect Grace C
Senior Prefect Natasha S
Senior Prefect Erin R
Senior Prefect Phoebe G
Senior Prefect Lily R
Senior Prefect Elizabeth B
Senior Prefect Zoe W
Senior Prefect Georgia M

Student Council

Through the student council there is the opportunity to influence change to promote student safety and well-being. As a result of the student survey we were able to identify areas of the school where students felt were more vulnerable in between lessons and as a result amended our duty system to support with this.

The Student Council is open to everybody; all students from all years can apply. Students apply via an application system. Additionally, some will be nominated by staff.
Students involved sign a Commitment Contract and wear a badge on their blazer lapel to make them recognisable as Student Council members.

The Council will consist of approximately 5% of the student population. The members will nominate two of themselves to act as student presidents who will then lead meetings. 

The aim of the Council is to represent the views and opinions of all students at Studley High School. 

Each year group will be tasked to work on 1 – 2 projects. These will involve working with teachers, other students (not just those on the Council) and members of our local community. 

If students wish to, there is the opportunity to complete the Student Leadership Award whilst completing their project(s). See Miss Bussey for more information.

Examples of current projects (suggested by students) include:

  • Well-being 
  • Fundraising 
  • Teaching and learning ideas for lessons 
  • Improving biodiversity within our school grounds