Unexpected School Closures

Possible school closure in the event of severe weather conditions

In order to avoid incorrect information regarding the status of the school during bad weather, please note that official information regarding the school may be found by the following means:

If the school is provided with parents’ mobile telephone number, information will be sent direct using the text messaging service.

We will provide the latest information on this website and on our social media platforms.

Emergency Closure during the course of the School Day

Please ensure your child clearly understands the safeguarding implications of the following:

The school’s text messaging service will be used in the first instance.

Please note that if the school has to close during the course of the school day, students must register as directed to advise of their destination, i.e. whether they are going home or to a friend’s house before they are permitted to leave school. This information is recorded should parents require this.

Phones are made available for those students who do not have a mobile phone with them and who need to contact their parents.

No student will be allowed to go home without suitable transport or a valid destination – they will be kept in school and be supervised by staff until collected by an authorised person.

Please keep this information in a safe place for future reference.