Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities


It is our aim to enable all teachers in all subjects to meet the needs of all students through highly effective teaching and learning. All students have access to a broad and balanced mainstream curriculum alongside their peers. At Studley High School we are committed to offering an inclusive curriculum to ensure the best possible progress for all our students, whatever their needs or abilities. We believe that all children have an equal right to a full and rounded education, which will enable them to achieve their full potential. We consistently strive to secure special educational provision for students for whom this is required, that is ‘additional to and different from’ that provided within the differentiated curriculum. For those that have Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) this can often mean greater engagement with parents/carers and/or outside agencies. Specific needs are identified at school entry or as soon as these arise. Staff are informed of these needs. We welcome parental involvement with this.

Support for children with SEND

We address the various barriers to learning of all students ranging from:

  • Cognition and Learning
  • Communication and Interaction
  • Social, Emotional and Mental Health
  • Physical and Sensory Needs
  • Medical Conditions and Disabilities
  • English as an Additional Language

Support may also be provided in the following ways:

  • Additional visits to the school in Year 6 as part of our transition arrangements. These might include joint attendance at formal Review stages or one to one/small group work
  • Targeted in-class support from Teaching Assistants
  • Targeted subject interventions
  • ‘Pupil Passports’ for Individual Students that highlight needs and requirements
  • Small group work, for example understanding emotions, social skills, Memory Magic
  • One-to-one support, for example: reading / spelling intervention, mentoring, speech and language
  • Specific workshops on identified needs with students and/or parents
  • Differentiated/scaffolded materials to help students to access the curriculum
  • Support with homework (including homework club and a personalised approach to homework)
  • Access arrangements for school and external examinations
  • Support from SEND Supported – for cognition and learning, and autism support
  • Educational Psychology (EP)
  • Speech and Language
  • Strong links with the Pastoral team
  • Access to our Student Support Centre


If you are concerned about an aspect of your child’s learning, development or attendance you can contact us at any time to discuss it. We will then do the following:

  • Gather evidence from all subject teachers and teaching assistants about your child’s academic, social, health & emotional well-being.
  • Arrange meetings in school to discuss what short-term support we can offer. This support follows the pattern: assess > plan > do > review.
  • We gather the relevant information and share it with all the staff at Studley High School.
  • Identify a key worker who is your single point of contact.
  • Monitor your child’s progress regularly using the school’s reporting system.


If your child is not progressing with the additional support offered, or they need extra or different help from the majority of students, we will consider doing some or all of the following:

  • We will request advice from a professional outside agency, for example Educational Psychologists
  • We might offer you a CAF (Common Assessment Framework) family support meeting. (A CAF meeting brings together education, health and/or social services professionals who work together to focus on the needs of all
    members of the family.)
  • If learning barriers persist despite all the support and provisions put in place, we will hold a meeting with all the relevant professionals involved and school we will then write an Education, Health Care Plan and submit it for
    consideration to Warwickshire County Council Special Educational Needs and
    Disabilities Department


We recognise that the transition period is vital to ensuring a successful start to High School life.

Transition work starts throughout Year 6, with the Senco attending annual reviews for students with EHCPs who will join us in Year 7.

During the summer term, the Senco meets with staff from feeder schools to gather as much information as possible, and is available to meet with parents to discuss needs. Any recommendations from external professionals are also collated and a pupil passport is produced to ensure that all staff at Studley know how to support each student from their first day.

We arrange additional transition visits for students who need this, and they have the opportunity to meet key staff prior to arrival.

The SEND team

Mrs Jo Lumley – Senco
Mrs Sharon McKenna – Assistant Senco, HLTA and LRC manager
Mrs Hill – TA – Lead on Interventions
Mrs Roberts – TA and First Aid. Lead TA for MOVES intervention
Mrs Johnson – TA – Lead TA for MOVES intervention
Mrs Stanway – TA
Mrs Hamer – TA
Miss Haywood – TA
Mr Southwell – TA

All TAs carry out a Key Professional role for pupils with ECHPs, ensuring a strong relationship is built with the student and with parents, and are the first point of contact for parents. They liaise with the Senco and the pastoral team to support all the needs of the students.