Today is the day!
We opened the doors to crowds of eager pupils at 9am this morning, all keen to find out whether they can successfully follow their chosen Post 16 path.
We are incredibly proud of the excellent outcomes pupils have achieved. It is always a delight to see pupils move onto their chosen  destinations as a result of their hard work and motivation.
Mr Eost, Head of School
The pass rates in English and Maths were over 80% and echo outcomes across many subject areas.
These are some of the best results ever achieved within the school and they are testament to the positive attitudes and maturity of pupils as well as the commitment of a dedicated staff. We wish all of our pupils the best in the future.
Mr Gray, Principal.

Rajpreet Kalsi, Courtney Ligthfoot, Lucy Scragg, Zac George, Oliver Taylor, Max Hicking and Sarah Randle are among many pupils celebrating excellent results, reflecting the progress they have made at Studley.

Congratulations to the class of 2019!