Studley High School Resistant Materials


Mr M Salmon, BA (Hons)


This course allows pupils to develop a range of skills essential to understanding how to work effectively with different materials. Pupils will learn about the design and manufacturing process and will develop key skills linked to evaluation of design processes as well as technical drawing, software design and how to use a range of machinery safely and with skill. Pupils will get the opportunity to develop their 2D and 3D drawing skills as well as using software to support the design and manufacture process. Pupils will learn to manufacture with precision. This course offers an excellent base for further study in design technology or engineering and links to many careers.


This qualification shows learners how to:

  • develop a broad understanding of the technology and engineering sector
  • research a new idea
  • use tools and equipment
  • perform a range of techniques and processes using selected materials
  • draw, develop and take part in an engineering project.


Learners will be assessed on their knowledge and understanding of the following:

  •  Materials and their working properties
  • Processes and manufacture
  • Joining, components, adhesives and finishes
  • Product specification
  • Careers opportunities
  • Understand how drawing is applied in engineering
  • Understand and use appropriate tools and equipment


  • Pupils will be assessed on coursework which will include practical and design portfolio and a written exam testing pupils knowledge and understanding of the subject.

Examining Board:AQA/NCFE Level 2

Course Outcome:Level 2