Harry is Harriet!

  • She’s gone to live at the Vale Wildlife Hospital near Tewksbury (who are brilliant and take in all 6000 wild animals brought to them every year)
  • She’s fine but very underweight so they’ll feed her up and release safely but if not soon enough then she’ll stay with them over hibernation then be released

Well done Miss Bussey for saving her!

This morning, Miss Bussey came to the rescue of a stray hedgehog on school grounds.

‘Harry’ the hedgehog (as he was creatively named) was spotted wandering across the paving slabs by the new food pod, early this morning. Miss Bussey later went to check on him, and found him standing motionless by a small bush.

Concerned for his welfare, knowing that hedgehogs are an endangered species, Miss Bussey and Miss Jordan set about moving him to safety.

After some quick research, they found out what to do:


If you find a hedgehog in school grounds, awake in the daytime, please tell a member of staff and do not touch it or try to move it yourself!

Harry has spent the day being cared for by the Science technicians (heat pad and cat food, never feed milk or bread to a hedgehog!).

Miss Bussey will be taking Harry to a wildlife rescue centre near Kidderminster after school today.