As part of our wellbeing week – Year 9 pupils organised for special visitors to come to school for afternoon tea and music.

Pupils preparing a range of savouries and cakes for a residents from a local branch of the charity Contact the Elderly. The charity look out for elderly citizens who may otherwise become isolated. They hold regular events to ensure that their guests get out and about and can socialise with others.

Our year 9 pupils made some amazing food and the guests were blown away by the quality of the afternoon tea, produced from scratch. There were also homemade decorations and some lovely music performances from a range of pupils in Years 7-9, which brought tears to the eyes of some!

One visitor commented:

You’ve treated us royally. This afternoon tea is better than that at the Ritz and I know, because I have been there….it’s astonishing. We haven’t wanted for a thing.