This year we ran another exciting opportunity of summer school for our new year 7 pupils. The three days were fun-filled opportunities to get to know each other, the staff and the school itself.

The first day saw all children getting involved in computing and exploring programming and using micro-bits. Pupils were divided into three groups and the Aspirational team cooked spaghetti bolognaise for 60 people! With much slurping and licking of tomato juice from chins, pupils had their first chance to sit in the sun and chat together as a complete group. The tradition was continued and each group cooked lunch for everyone and poor Mr Salmon had the job of washing up!

Pupils all had an opportunity to explore science lessons, understand the rules for entering the laboratories and wear their goggles and get involved in an experiment studying solubility and chemicals in sweets. Following the science lessons, pupils were in art using willow and wire with colourful tissue creating beautiful fish. Pupils also had a chance to experience technology and build rockets and take part in the egg drop competition.

We also wanted pupils to experience the school grounds so we ran an eco session each day ranging from making bird feeders to planting bulbs and autumnal plants for a beautiful display outside the science block.

Pupils also gained confidence with navigating the building itself and the grounds by completing a QR code quiz and then setting a treasure hunt for the other group. Great fun was to be had by all pupils, running around the outside grounds and hunting for clues around the building.

Finally, each day had a period of some quiet where we read Boy at the Back of the Classroom; a fantastic short novel about a child who arrives from Syria as a refugee without his family and how he finds friendship and compassion from his friends at school.

The last day was an opportunity to celebrate the summer school as a whole and recognise the individuals who stood out for their hard work and commitment to the activities.

Summer school is a superb way to make friends before starting school and to gain confidence with new surroundings. We can’t wait to run it again next year!