You can’t reach for the stars if you don’t build the rocket!

Last week, we took a group of Year 11 pupils to University of Birmingham for an insight into Uni life and to ‘demistyfy’ what universities are about, giving students real hands on experience.

The day started with a key question:

What percentage of effort are you applying to your learning? If it’s less than 100%, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

We heard some very interesting facts:

  • 75% of Year 13 predicted grades are wrong, therefore what do universities look at now? GCSE grades!
  • Many universities also want a grade 4 in MFL if the pupil has studied a language, despite what you choose to study.

The message of ‘hard work pays off’ was clear in every example we heard from Ansar Mohammed, the Outreach Lead. To study Medicine or Dentistry at UoB, they look for grade 7/8 across all subjects. For Veterinary Science, they need a grade 8 across all subjects. These are competitive, popular courses with only 1 place offered to 25 applicants and so Ansar questioned: Are you in the game?

With a strong relationship between the GCSE grades and A Levels, the message was clear: work hard now to get the best GCSE grades and future proof your career.

Pupils had a chance to explore the campus and as it was Freshers’ Week – it was buzzing with activity. Having had a very big lunch and enjoyed a taste of life as a student, pupils spent time with a 3rd year student, listening to the reality of student life.. The idea of living independently; cooking and washing your own clothes, budgeting and organising your own time, certainly appealed to many.

This was a truly inspirational day for our pupils to see what life can be like Post 16.