Every year, staff at Studley High School have the privilege of taking Year 7 pupils away on a three day residential stay.  The purpose of these visits is to create a space for pupils to get to know one another, as well as creating chances for them to step outside their comfort zone and undertake a range of exciting activities.

This year, due to our increased numbers in Year 7, we split the pupils across two different sites.  Whilst half of the pupils had the opportunity to stay in the wonderful stately home of Grittleton House, the other half returned to the picturesque Whitemead Forest Park following our first visit there in 2018.

Prior to the trip, activities were selected to help develop teamwork skills and resilience.  Across the two sites, pupils had the opportunity to participate in varied activities including crate stacking, archery, low ropes and the ever popular ‘body zorbing’!  Staff at both sites were very complimentary about the positive attitude shown by our pupils and their enthusiasm in getting involved in various tasks, despite the occasional spell of bad weather!

Mr Rose and Mr Rushton would personally like to thank all of the Year 7 pupils who attended the residential, for their exceptional behaviour and the staff who supported the trip: Miss Blackford, Mrs Guest, Ms Hatfield, Miss Hughes, Mrs Morgan, Mr Salmon, Mr Sidaway, Mrs Wakefield, Mr Willett and Mrs Woodger.

Here are some quotes from our pupils, on their time at Grittleton and Whitemead:

The thing that I loved the most, was the crate stacking…the staff were all amazing.

Jade P


The cabins were really nice and the food was really good! Brandon made us laugh so much in body zorbing, we would just fall over!

Holly R


I learned I could trust my friends and archery was super fun, that staff were very kind.

Alex M


The place where we slept was like being in our own apartment!

Holly S