Here is the outcome of everyone’s efforts, thank you to everyone who supported!

Yesterday was marked by some very sad news of the passing of Captain Sir Tom Moore. We are all very saddened of the passing of such an iconic figure that gave us all hope in the fight against coronavirus.

As you are well aware the late hero made his fame by celebrating his 100th birthday by completing 100 laps of his garden. This act helped raise over £33 million for the NHS.

In order to commemorate the life of Captain Sir Tom Moore, this weekend we want to encourage all students, staff and extended Studley High School community to do “100 your way”. By this we mean deciding upon an action and repeating it 100 times. Please see below for examples;

Complete 100 minutes of exercise

  • Bake 100 cakes/biscuits to share with loved ones
  • Paint 100 rainbow cards and post them to neighbours
  • Perform 100 push ups
  • Climb 100 flights of stairs
  • Perform 100 keepy uppies with a football
  • Perform 100 catches with a tennis ball.

If students/staff/parents do take part in this commemoration the PE department would like you to take a 5 second video of you performing your action and send it into [email protected] The videos will be used to create a compilation movie to mark the celebration of Captain Sir Tom Moore’s achievements.

We would also like to take this opportunity to raise money for a special charity close to our hearts at the school. Therefore an optional payment item has been created on Parentpay for donations to the Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

We hope that you will take the opportunity to get involved with this community event and will enjoy the challenge that an outstanding human being has set.

Many thanks

Mr K M Dovey

CAL for PE