Studley High School Students Thrilled at Wembley as Lionesses Secure Victory

In an exhilarating outing, 38 of our students spanning years 7-11, embarked on a memorable journey to Wembley Stadium on Friday, December 1st. Their destination: a crucial match between the Lionesses and the Netherlands. The stakes were high, and the atmosphere at Wembley was electric.

The initial moments saw England facing a 2-0 deficit, but what followed was nothing short of a spectacular comeback. The Lionesses fought back with unwavering determination, securing a remarkable 3-2 victory against their Dutch counterparts. The roar of the crowd echoed the resilience of the players on the field.

The students, immersed in the thrill of the game, wholeheartedly embraced the experience. The second half, marked by England’s comeback, was a particular highlight, with cheers and excitement reverberating through the Studley High School contingent.

“Our students were truly excellent ambassadors for Studley, displaying not only their passion for football but also their sportsmanship and camaraderie. It was a joy to witness them rally behind the team and savour the taste of victory,” remarked Miss Lloyd, who accompanied the students on this thrilling expedition.

The outing served as a fantastic opportunity for the students to witness first-hand the dynamics of high-stakes sports and the importance of resilience and teamwork. Studley High School takes pride in fostering such experiences that contribute to the holistic development of its students.

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