Studley High School Student Prefects Honour the Fallen at Remembrance Day Parade

Braving the cold weather, Studley High School’s student prefects attended the Remembrance Day Parade in Studley on Sunday, November 12th. Their spirits remained high as they paid their respects to the fallen heroes of war.

Head Boy, Head Girl, and Deputy Head Boy, representing Studley High School, played a pivotal role in the solemn service by the Cenotaph. During the poignant ceremony, they had the honour of reading the names of the fallen soldiers, a gesture of remembrance and gratitude for their sacrifice.

Their presence and participation in the Remembrance Day Parade showcased the highest standards of respect, solemnity, and reverence that Studley High School instils in its students. They conducted themselves with grace and dignity, epitomising the values of the school.

Miss Noke and Ms Haines said, “We were very proud of our Head Boy, Head Girl, and Deputy Head Boy for their outstanding representation of Studley High School at the Remembrance Day Parade. Their involvement in this important event reflects the commitment of our students to remember and honour the sacrifices made by our servicemen and women.”

The entire school community commends the student prefects for their respectful and dignified participation in the Remembrance Day Parade. They have not only paid tribute to the fallen but also demonstrated the school’s values of integrity, compassion, and respect.

Despite the inclement weather, the student prefects of Studley High School stood tall and dignified, honouring the memory of the fallen heroes. Their dedication and conduct were a source of pride for the school, and their actions serve as a shining example of the values that Studley High School holds dear.