In a remarkable display of teamwork and determination, the Studley Dragon Scouts, led by the spirited Ruby W, have clinched victory at the prestigious ‘Dovetrek’ competition.

This annual event, organised by the West Warwickshire Scouts, challenges teams to navigate a gruelling 10-mile circuit through the scenic but demanding terrain of the Peak District. Along the route, teams face a series of challenges designed to test their scouting skills and resolve.

The Studley Dragon Scouts’ triumph marks a historic moment for Studley, as they have reclaimed the coveted trophy after a ten-year hiatus, demonstrating the exceptional capabilities and spirit of our young scouts. Their success is a testament to the hard work and preparation they have invested, and it serves as an inspiration to their peers and the community.

Congratulations to Ruby and her team for their outstanding achievement and for setting a new benchmark of excellence.