Last week, we dropped off all donations from pupils, parents and staff to Steam Detailing and Valeting, Redditch run by Andrzej Zysk and Katarzyna Tuchowska-Zysk who organised collection as the members of Midlands Polish Community.

They would like to thank for all the donations on behalf of the refugees, people who had to leave their homes and all their possessions.

At the moment Andrzej and Katarzyna are arranging all donations to be transported to the people who need this help. It is really hard as the cost of transport needs to be covered as well.

Yesterday they received another great news – another three vans full of boxes arrived in Lviv, Ukraine.

And there is still plenty waiting to be delivered.

If you would like to help with the cost of transport – please visit

Every £1 matters. Thank you to everyone who has donated items to date.