Our Year 10 Food Preparation and Nutrition student recently showcased their diverse cooking talents in an exciting and flavourful event.

Tasked with creating a dish that reflects their personal taste and dietary preferences, students had a smorgasbord of options to choose from. For those with a plant-based palate, the vegan option was a popular pick, incorporating fresh, vibrant vegetables and alternative protein sources.

Meat lovers had the choice to add either chicken or mince, bringing a hearty and satisfying element to their creations.

Cheese, a universal favourite, featured prominently in many dishes, adding a layer of gooey, melty goodness. In a twist of creativity, some students opted to whip up their own guacamole, a decision that not only added a homemade touch but also a burst of colour and texture.

Beyond the ingredients, students were encouraged to present their dishes in a visually appealing manner, turning the culinary experience into an art form. This event not only filled the halls with delightful aromas but also demonstrated the students’ ability to combine taste with presentation, a vital skill in the culinary world.