Year 11 pupil, Maddy A has not been able to box since March 2020 due to COVID restrictions. She trained throughout lockdown, waking up at 5.30am most mornings!

On October 24th this year, she travelled to Penrith and took part in the MTK box cup and won the title!

This weekend she travelled down Hereford where she took part in the English Nationals.

On Saturday the referee stopped the fight in the second round as Maddy had given her opponent two standing counts which then put her through to the final. The person she beat in the final was a previous two times National winner and European Silver medallist.

Maddy is currently the first female in Redditch to have won a National boxing title and also the first in over 30 years.

Maddy’s coach and former Redditch boxer, Carl Walton trains her for more than 12 hours each week. Her long term goal is to be selected for Great Britain and hopefully go to the Olympics.

We can’t wait to see her rise to these dizzying heights. Well done Maddy!