Year 7 Residential 6th – 8th June 2022

Our Year 7’s travelled for just over two hours to Trelewis in Wales for their first Studley High School overnight residential.

140 students and 14 members of staff took part in a variety of activities that were designed to not only test but also push them out of their comfort zones.

Many students found an inner drive that they never knew they had and reached the very top of a multi-million pound climbing wall that even skilled climbers found tricky.

Caving offered an opportunity that the students will never forget as they crawled, snuck and squeezed their way through a series of deep underground tunnels, for what seemed like a lifetime for some, before catching a glimpse of sunlight and racing for the finish.

Raft building provided students with a test of engineering as they competed against each other to see who could build a raft that not only had to be fit for water but also carry the whole team.

Canoeing and kayaking saw the students racing to see who could be the fastest through the water, in scenes that could be mistaken for a take of Waterworld. Not all had the poise and balance that was required however, leaving the drying room full of clothing every evening!

Balance was pushed to the very limits through the crate-stacking exercise. Once they got going, they raced to see who could reach the highest point before they came crashing to the floor.

Although nervous going into the activities, their confidence soon grew – demonstrating the Studley values that they have been working so hard on throughout the year. We are looking forward to watching how they push on from such a fantastic start to their life at Studley.