Last Wednesday, on October 4th, Studley High School hosted an exciting and educational event that brought together 50 eager Year 7 pupils and their enthusiastic parents for an unforgettable experience in the world of science. The event, held after school, was an exploration of chemistry through the use of Bunsen burners and a thrilling crime-solving challenge.

Under the expert guidance of our dedicated science teachers, both students and their parents embarked on a 1-hour 30-minute adventure, filled with scientific curiosity and hands-on learning. The mission: to solve the intriguing mystery that had befuddled the school community!

Using Bunsen burners, participants were tasked with carrying out a series of chemical flame tests. By burning various chemical salts, they observed the captivating array of colors produced in the flames. Armed with their newfound knowledge and keen powers of deduction, our young scientists and their parents set out to unveil the culprit behind the school’s mysterious crime.

The thrilling investigation led to a unanimous conclusion: Doctor Black had committed the crime! Thanks to their careful observation and analytical skills, our budding scientists and their parents successfully cracked the case.

But the excitement didn’t stop there! To wrap up this fantastic afternoon of science and sleuthing, everyone gathered for a well-deserved break. Tea and coffee flowed freely, accompanied by a delicious selection of biscuits. It was a perfect opportunity for parents and students to chat, share their experiences, and celebrate their crime-solving success.

We were thrilled to see so many parents actively engaged in their child’s education and the scientific world. It was indeed a wonderful opportunity for Year 7 students to showcase their newly acquired skills and proudly display their Bunsen Burner Licenses, earned through their hard work and dedication.

Studley High School would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the participants for making this event such a success. We look forward to more exciting adventures in the world of science and learning in the future.

Keep up the fantastic work, Year 7, and keep that scientific curiosity burning bright!