Exploring Post-16 Opportunities: A Successful Evening at Studley High School

Studley High School recently hosted its highly anticipated annual Post-16 event, which proved to be a resounding success, opening doors to a world of opportunities for our students. More than 25 exhibitors, including sixth forms, colleges, universities, and local businesses, graced the event with their presence, offering a valuable insight into the exciting prospects awaiting our pupils after they complete their high school journey.
The event was a multi-faceted endeavour, designed to provide our students with the knowledge and inspiration they need to make informed decisions about their future educational and career paths. The event was open to students in Year 9, 10, and 11, along with their parents and carers, ensuring that the entire school community could benefit from the wealth of information and guidance on offer.
The heart of the event was the opportunity for our students to engage directly with a wide array of institutions and organisations. From the comforting familiarity of local sixth forms and colleges to the wide-reaching aspirations of universities, our pupils were exposed to the full spectrum of Post-16 possibilities. The local businesses in attendance added a practical, real-world dimension to the event, offering a glimpse of what a career in various fields might look like.
One of the highlights of the evening was the presence of former Studley High School students who are currently studying at various sixth forms and in further education. These alumni served as a beacon of inspiration, showcasing what is possible with determination and the right choices. Their presence was a testament to the nurturing environment at Studley High School, where aspirations are encouraged and dreams are supported.
The event also featured an exhibition of more than 25 providers from a wide range of sectors, all eager to engage with our students. Their enthusiastic participation was met with equal enthusiasm from our students, who were keen to explore their options and engage in meaningful conversations. The feedback from the exhibitors was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the level of pupil engagement and their enthusiasm for the event.
Here are a few quotes from our exhibitors:
“It’s always lovely to talk to the students, and everyone was very engaged.”
“It was great to speak to so many students interested in engineering or thinking about it as an option.”
“It was a well-run evening, and there were some good people around where I was! We’ve already had a couple of applicants from yourselves, which is great news.”
“It was a fantastic evening with so much more to learn. Thank you to all, I just wish this was available when I left school!”
The providers who attended the event included esteemed institutions such as Alcester Grammar School, Arrow Vale School, BakerHicks, the British Army, Cadbury College, King Edward VI School Stratford, Mills Pyatt, the National Trust, Newman University, North Bromsgrove High School, Prince Henry’s High School, Redditch UTD Football Academy, the Royal Navy, St. Benedict’s Catholic High School, Stratford Girls’ Grammar School, Stratford College, Solihull College, Solihull Sixth Form, South & City College, Studley Castle, Taylor Wimpy, Trinity High School, Tudor Grange Redditch, Warwickshire College Group, Worcester 6th Form, Worcester University, and University College Birmingham.
This event not only provided students and their families with a chance to explore their future opportunities but also showcased the vibrant connections and relationships that Studley High School has cultivated within the local and wider community.
Studley High School is immensely proud of the successful Post-16 event and is committed to nurturing the dreams and ambitions of its students. We look forward to the bright futures that await our pupils, and we are here to support and guide them every step of the way.