Studley High School Student Soars to New Heights, Securing British Vaulting Championship

In a remarkable achievement that has left our school community beaming with pride, one of our very own students, Phoebe N, has recently clinched the title of British Champion in vaulting. Her journey to this impressive accomplishment has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Having been involved in vaulting for approximately five years, Phoebe is now a proud member of the EVS England vaulting squad. Her passion for horses began at an early age, coupled with her profound interest in gymnastics, vaulting was the perfect fusion of her passions.

The young athlete’s dedication and hard work paid off in a big way. Just last month, she earned the title of English Champion. Her stellar performance continued as she went on to triumph against stiff competition to claim the prestigious British Champion title. In her 1* class, Phoebe faced off against 23 other skilled competitors, showcasing her immense talent and determination.

Training diligently for this momentous achievement, Phoebe has been putting in the effort with 2 to 3 training sessions per week. Her commitment and unwavering focus on her goals have been truly inspiring.

What makes this journey even more remarkable is that Phoebe now has her very own horse, named Rocky. She’s taking on the role of both rider and trainer, with the goal of preparing Rocky for future competitions. This incredible bond between Phoebe and her horse exemplifies her unyielding passion for the sport and her dedication to pushing the boundaries of excellence.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Phoebe on this incredible victory. Her triumph serves as an inspiration to all of us at Studley High School, demonstrating the exceptional heights that can be achieved through hard work, dedication, and a deep love for one’s chosen path.

We look forward to witnessing her continued success as she continues to make her mark in the world of vaulting.