Carol Adkins :

Carol Adkins

Carol started school at Studley in 1957.

Carol recalls making "some good friends."

She also recalls being in 'Domestic Science' and the teacher left the room during which time, "someone threw a lump of dough at the ceiling which stuck and only fell down just as the teacher walked in!"

Carol remembers Mrs Ellis who was a teacher of shorthand and typing, she states she "set me up well for my first job."

Carol is now a retired Local Government Officer at Redditch Borough Council (Housing Department.)

Tomas Allum :

Tomas Allum

Tomas joined us in 2006. He remembers watching a snowball travel over 30m and land on Mr Wiltshire's shoulder. "I don't know who threw it, but neither did he!"

He remembers his favourite teacher:

Mr Baxter. He was an athlete back in his day and knew how to talk to and inspire students, especially with an interest in sport. A fond memory of him was when I had just got home from school and I get a knock at the door. I lived next door to school. Mr Baxter had come to ask me to represent the Year 10s and 11s in a tennis match against Alcester High and I was in Year 8. I felt honoured, and I almost beat their number 1 seed.

Tomas is a Marketing Analyst and Campaign Management Executive. "I create and manage the marketing campaigns and manage the marketing team to execute them, at a college."

Donna Andrews :

Donna Andrews

Donna Andrew (now Hinson) started with us in 1973.

She recalls Mrs Hogarth being very strict and Mrs Osmond who was lovely, but:

Didn’t stand any messing about. She was witty and always engaged her pupils. We learned without realising we were learning and our group achieved excellent results in our exams. It was only thanks to her dedication and persistence that we all achieved well.

Donna now owns her own business.

Further and Higher education isn't for everyone and it wasn’t for me. I wanted to get out in the world and get a job. For many years I worked in an IT/Accounting environment but after marrying and relocating, I decided I wanted a different path. Eleven years ago, we purchased an existing business, a coffee shop and baguette takeaway.

Dave Atkins :

Dave Atkins

Dave joined us in 1976.

He has many fond memories of school especially "Mr Perkins - Technical drawing was my most enjoyable subject and he was always patient and willing to explain things that you didn't grasp."

Dave is now a manager of a waste to energy plant.

Helen Barratt :

Helen Barratt

Helen Barratt (nee Howes) joined in 1982.

Helen's favourite memories are two school trips: In 1985 - Europe and in 1987 - America (organised by Mr Granville).

She remembers Mrs Pinfold & Mrs Stanley (she tells us they were always cheerful and kind.)

Helen worked in the Sales Office at Jewson Builders Merchants and is now a 'stay at home Mum'.

Esme Batchelor :

Esme Batchelor

Esme started in 1975. She remembers Studley High being, ..."a great school with excellent facilities."

She told us that Mrs Tracey was her favourite teacher, as "she always believed in me."

Esme is now a Personal Assistant to a Managing Director.

Jodie Baylis :

Jodie Baylis

Jodie joined us in 2001.

She said the best thing about being at Studley High School, was meeting her best friend in Year 7 and "....still having her in my life is what I am most thankful for."

She remembers Mrs Hughes - Head of French. " She was the loveliest lady and always has faith in her pupils. Mrs Hughes gave me the confidence to gain a grade B in French when I did not believe in myself."

Jodie is now a Service Administrator for a Blue Chip Construction company Marubeni-Komatsu Ltd in Redditch.

Stuart Bell :

Stuart Bell

Stuart started in 1995.

His favourite memory was playing gigs with 'The Badgers'!

He thought Mr German and Mr Russell were fantastic in his final year.

Stuart currently works as a Finance Manager for a Software Company as well as bringing up his family in Studley. 

Victoria Benson :

Victoria Benson

Victoria Benson (now Costanza) started in 1985 at Studley High.

She recalls:

...going to Wookey Hole, we laughed a lot. Also there was a really good trip to a local Hall for a few of us which I remember involved a night time outdoor activity which was so much fun.

She remembers the staff:

Mrs Tracy was amazing and I now teach literacy to some lovely pupils with, hopefully a near same zest for it and passion!

Victoria now works with "wonderful pupils who need a lot of help to find their place in the world. It is the most rewarding, beautiful - sometimes challenging job in the world!".

Paul Biggs :

Paul Biggs

Paul joined in 1983.

His memories include having to sit outside the head masters office, after being sent out of class, whilst everyone walked past between classes. Shameful!

He remembers Mrs Owen (Art) who was, he says, "a great Art teacher with a fantastic sense of humour."

Paul is now a National Design & Build Manager for Vodafone, based in Leeds.

Andy Bird :

Andy Bird

Andy started in 1976.

He remembers Mr Granville who taught Woodwork and Mrs Holmes and Mr Parks, the Headmaster. He told us that Mr Kirk inspired him to keep an allotment later in life, from the lessons he had outside in the garden at school.

He told us "Mr Morris was just so mild mannered and listened to your problems."

Andy moved to Coventry 8 years ago and is a Janitor.

Catherine Blackmore :

Catherine Blackmore

Catherine joined Studley in 2010.

She was inspired by Mr Brooks (Science), "he was so set on getting pupils to do well and he went above and beyond to make sure they got the grades they wanted."

Catherine is now at De Montfort University studying Marketing.

Paul Blackmore :

Paul Blackmore

Paul joined us in 2006 and clearly remembers running sound and lights in the theatre for the 2007 production of 'Grease'!

His favourite teacher was Mr Sidhu (Biology) in Years 9-11. Paul said "it was always fun and relaxed, and we passed with great results!"

Paul is currently a video editor of TV shows and corporate videos. He is also a freelance video and photographer.

Kerry Blick :

Kerry Blick

Kerry started in 1996.

I remember when I took my rat into school in my blazer pocket, they sent me home (obviously not impressed!) I also remember the last year we had the floats for the fantastic fete they used to have in Studley.

Kerry particularly remembers Mrs Stanley, Mr Pickett, Mr Kirk, Mr Jennings and Mr Jenkins.

"I have a fabulous family and I love running my household."

Jenni Blundell :

Jenni Blundell

Jenni joined us in 2010 and her most memorable time at Studley High was 'Barcelona 2013'.

Her favourite teachers were Miss Hands, in MFL (now Mrs Morgan) and Mrs Ingram (English).

She took Business, Psychology & Spanish at A-level and is now at University of Sheffield studying Business Management.

Nicholas Bond :

Nicholas Bond

Nick joined Studley in 2010. He remembers the friendly staff and people in the Student Support Centre, where he enjoyed break and lunch-times, and his confidence grew.

His favourite teacher was Mr Brooks (Science). Nick says, "he was an excellent, amusing chemistry teacher who inspired me to take Chemistry A-level."

Nick is now studying A-Level Maths, Physics and Geography, to study Civil Engineering at University.

Jayne Bralee :

Jayne Bralee

Jayne joined Studley High in 1997.

Jayne's favourite teacher was Anne Marie O’Dea, "She was a laugh."

Jayne is currently a stay at home mom to her little boy who was born prematurely.

She completed a Cache qualification Level 1 in Childcare in pursuit of a rewarding career. Jayne previously worked as a business development co-ordinator for a machinery logistics company. She also has a degree in Media Production.

Caitlin Britt :

Caitlin Britt

Caitlin joined us in 2010 and has so many fond memories of the school, she couldn't pick just one.

She particularly remembers her English teacher, Mrs Ingram and recalled "she's really passionate about a subject that I love and encouraged me to pursue it after leaving Studley."
So much so that Caitlin is now studying English at the University of Exeter.

Patricia Brown :

Patricia Brown

Pat joined Studley when it opened in 1955. She was a was a pupil at Mappleborough Green School until Studley was built. "When I started I was very much looking forward to the new gym and lab and cookery room....but in those days we were educated to be married, (yes, we even used to take our dad's shirts to school, to wash and iron!)". When Pat left Studley, she worked in the inspection section at the Needle Industries.

Pat recalls the Head, Mr Harper, who was very was strict, "I remember he threw a piece of chalk at me because I Iooked away from him! The best teacher was Mr Earl, the Art teacher and this was my favourite subject too. I always enjoyed painting. I liked PE too!"

Pat went to Redditch College aged 40. She completed O' Levels and went on to work for NACRO, Police and Sandwell Youth Offending Team. Pat retired at 69. 

Rebekah Buffong :

Rebekah Buffong

Rebekah joined us in 2004.

She told us:

I remember music had a big part to play in my school life at Studley High. There was always something musical to get involved in and this was always encouraged. I remember winning the Solo Performance heat for Studley's Got Talent but the best part was that I was up against my brother in the final 2 and he came second! I also remember then coming back to the school in later years to help judge the show.

Her school memories:

Mr. Wiltshire and I still keep in contact. I remember he'd always allow me into the music rehearsal studios at lunchtime and after school, I think I spent more time there than anywhere else! I remember putting on a Christmas event for my church and I hired out the school hall. Mr. Wiltshire and Mrs. Davies (my form tutor) both came to support the event even though it was on a Saturday evening. Mr. Wiltshire also played the piano for the event. He went above and beyond to help me with my music always putting me forward for school concerts and that's what inspired me to take up music as a profession.

Adrian Burman :

Adrian Burman

Adrian joined in 1987.

He remembers James Handslip, Simon Bailey and himself performing “Man in the Mirror” on video which was shown in assembly to the whole school. (Adrian says "If you still have that, you have a very expensive bargaining tool!") 

His favourite teacher was Mr Perkins, who was "an amazing swimmer for for a disabled gentleman."

Adrian now works as a General and MSK Sonographer providing Specialist Ultrasound (privately and through NHS). We asked him why ultrasound?

Well I always wanted to do physiotherapy, specifically sports physio but I couldn’t get in due to demand. I looked at radiography as in X-rays etc, looked really good so I did that. Once I started the placement at the hospital, they put me in Ultrasound, fell in love with it straight away. I had to spend a minimum of 2 years in X-ray before I could specialised in Ultrasound. I did that of course and now finally have come full circle, using Ultrasound to diagnose sports injuries. So I got there in the end. I now do a lot of private work as well as NHS and also teach at medical conferences as musculoskeletal ultrasound is very specialised as not many do it but massively in demand, which is good obviously."

Anthony Burman :

Anthony Burman

Anthony joined us in 1985.

His fondest memories of school are, "Cross Country, Technology projects and School discos."

His teacher memories were: Mr Whiteman (Maths) - 'Memorising Pie'... Mrs Stanley (Science) and her bunsen burners and Mrs Owens - 'writing out lines'!

Anthony went to Alcester Grammar for A Levels after Studley and then eventually to London Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine.

Anthony is a GP, working for the NHS until 2015 and now for BUPA.

John Butters :

John Butters

John joined Studley High in 2003.

John's memories from school are of bunsen burners, overhead projectors, blazers for goalposts - (he says. "all cliches but you do miss them as you get older!").

He was inspired by the former headteacher Mrs E Young, who taught Business Studies. She commanded respect and led a challenging class to strong results, all whilst managing the school as a whole.

John is currently an account manager for a global media agency.

Nicola Chester :

Nicola Chester

Nicola Chester (now Brown) started at Studley in 1979.

She recalls:

I took part in Sweeney Todd & Toad of Toad Hall, plus a few others. I had my flute lessons in a portacabin! I had my photo taken with Roy Castle who was presenting at an awards evening! I had lines to write from Mr Bough, there were very strict rules on uniform, I made my school summer dress in needlework lessons.

About her teachers:

Mr Parkes was an excellent head teacher. But Mrs Tracey, Mrs Holmes & Mrs Robinson helped & inspired me.

Nicola currently works at a children’s, and has previously worked in retail, a bank for 7 years & as a teaching assistant for 10 years.

Ella Coleman :

Ella Coleman

Ella joined us in 2010.

She remembers results day and the leavers assembly.

Mrs. Edey inspired me the most, as she gave me the confidence needed to pass Maths (a subject I had once really struggled with). I achieved 3 A- levels in History, English Literature and Sociology. I have just started studying joint honours in Criminology and Sociology, at Coventry University.

Rebecca Cook :

Rebecca Cook

Rebecca joined us in 1980.

Her most vivid memory of school:

There was a fire in the school hall and we were all sent home.

Rebecca told us, "I was in a few plays that I enjoyed."

She remembers Mrs Owen, "I wanted to be an artist but she had a lot of patience with me because she knew I wasn't good enough."

Rebecca is housekeeping full time and singing part time.

She sings at care homes as well as a couple of pubs and clubs. She sings 40's 50s and 60's songs. She has also sung for the British Legion in Alcester and Polperro in Cornwall.

Richard Croxford :

Richard Croxford

Richard started school here in 2010.

He told us about his memories of Studley High:

My best memories are about the teachers, all of whom were passionate and engaging, Mr Whitman, Ms Choudhry, and Mr Rose stand out particularly. I will always be grateful to Mr Rose for bringing out the best in my writing skills and helping me get an A in my GCSE Philosophy and Ethics.

Richard went on to study International Relations and Politics at University of Lincoln and is now studying a Masters in International Political Economy at the University of Birmingham, having graduated from Lincoln with a 1st.

Claudia Cutts :

Claudia Cutts

Claudia Cutts (now May) joined us in 1980. She remembers the tuck shop, school discos, lining up after break and lunch to come inside, being told by Mrs Tracey that you could only wear one pair of earrings, one in each ear, gold or silver sleepers or studs and that you couldn’t wear boots with summer uniform or sandals with winter uniform!

Her favourite teacher was ,"Mr Wilson who used to teach RE, Mr Hyslop, the PE teacher, and my brilliant English teacher (set 2)."

Claudia is now a swimming teacher and she loves it.

I worked in offices for years but after I had my son, I re-trained and now do a job I love. I’ve always loved swimming and used to go in the school holidays with friends.

Rachael Dale :

Rachael Dale

Rachael Dale (now Rollisson) joined us in 2000. The best thing about school for her, was meeting her husband who is also a former pupil!

Rachael remembers Mr Lopeman and Mr Nicoll, "they always made their lessons fun and interesting!"

Rachael is now a Jump Rope Coach, at Junior school and after school club and she has also set up a company teaching in schools and running events.

Howard Davis :

Howard Davis

Howard started at Studley in 1954.

He remembers the Art teacher, Mr Williams who encouraged him to paint (which he still does!).

Howard is now retired, having owned and ran his own commercial debt collecting company. He has15 grandchildren 9 great grand children!

Keith Davis :

Keith Davis

Keith joined us in 1957.

He recalls:

Mr Harper was the Headmaster. I remember Hills coaches laid on transport. We would travel from Moorfields Alcester and my best friends were Dave Avery and Morris Cole.


I worked for a local paint sprayer for J.H.Wilcox (who turned out to be Toyah Wilcox's dad!)

I did have a hard life, bringing up 5 children alone, but always stayed working in a service industry in Licensed Retailing.

Keith Day :

Keith Day

Keith started at Studley High in 1974.

Keith remembers Mr Morris (so tall, they nicknamed him 'pylon'!)

One day in assembly the police had asked the headmaster to warn us all of the dangers of climbing on pylons. The headmaster, Mr Parkes made the comment and was greeted with a burst of laughter from the pupils. It wasn't very often you could get him speechless, but that was one of occasions especially as half the staff were smiling as well, including Mr Morris!

Keith's favourite teacher was Mrs Stanley. He tells us " she gave me confidence by believing in me."

Keith is now a full time carer, for his disabled wife.

Kaylee Dennis :

Kaylee Dennis

Kaylee joined Studley High in 1997. She remembers the sound advice from her Business Studies teacher who used to say "wipe the sweat from your hand before you walk into an interview". She tells us it came in very useful later in life!

She recalls Mr German - (Maths) and is now a Housing Officer.

Lucy-Beth Dodd :

Lucy-Beth Dodd

Lucy-beth joined us in 2013.

Her favourite memory is being able to perform on the night shows, as well as in front of the school.

Her favourite teacher was Ms Hatfield (Maths), who supported and encouraged her.

She is now studying Childcare Level 3.

Dan Dowson :

Dan Dowson

Dan started with us in 2008.

Hi best memory of school was a German trip to Aachen in December 2011.

Mrs Lumley’s passionate teaching of the subject really opened my eyes to the benefits and enjoyment, of learning a foreign language. So I jumped at the chance to go to Germany and experience a 'proper' German Christmas market. A combined journey time of 18 hours (all in the same coach seat) did take it out of me, but experiencing the market stalls, the German food, and the atmosphere was a breath-taking experience and rather overwhelming for 14-year-old me! To this day, I can still remember the fantastic church tour, and the delicious German breakfast in a typical German cafĂ©. And to top things off, I distinctly remember being very proud of myself due to my recount of the trip being put in the school magazine! The whole experience is something I will never forget and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

His favourite teachers were Mrs Stephenson and Mr Pickett.

Mrs Stephenson suggested that I should become a Primary teacher. I was hesitant at first, but she motivated and believed in me and being given mini-responsibilities by Mr Pickett around school, such as: being named senior prefect and being put in charge of wet break and lunches (which I thought was a big thing!) gave me the confidence and belief to follow my dream.

Dan graduated as a primary school teacher in 2018 and has been teaching in a Junior School in Solihull since September 2018. He has taught Year 4 (Sept 2018-July 2020) and now teaches Year 6.

Colleen Draycott :

Colleen Draycott

Colleen started at Studley in 1961

The teachers she remembers are Miss Skinner and Mr Earle.

She is a retired nurse and osteopath.

Alex Dudley :

Alex Dudley

Alex started in 1999.

He remembers, "..hanging out in the music rooms and performing in various talent shows, trips to Vermont for skiing and music retreats at Ingestre Hall."

His favourite teacher was Miss Donna Brogan:

She made me change my options from History to Music at the last minute and I ended up getting a B in my GCSE's. She pushed me to be a better musician.

Alex is now an Independent Record Producer & Entrepreneur. He started his own music business in 2015 after finishing his Masters degree at the University of Wolverhampton.

Stephen Dutton :

Stephen Dutton

Stephen joined Studley High in 1984.

He recalls feeling like he wasn't very good at woodwork at school. He then went on to work at 'Cameo' in Studley as a carpenter and hand crafted half of the kitchens in Studley (his words!) and surrounding villages.

Stephen now works for Glasshouse in Redditch, as a glazier

Ian Dyer :

Ian Dyer

Ian started at Studley in 1985.

His fondest memories are of being part of the school football team with his friends. He remembers Mr Baxter (PE) who supported Ian with looking at a career in coaching sports, which Ian did for many years.

Ian now support adults with learning disabilities to access the local & wider community. He supports them with all aspects of their lives to offer them a sense of belonging within the local community.

Stefan Edwards :

Stefan Edwards

Stefan joined in 1981.

He told us that Studley "inspired me to fight, to be determined and driven."

He tells us that the fight and determination in him might have been what drove him to succeed as a surgeon.

He remembers Mrs Stanley particular.

Stefan completed a Diploma in Podiatric Surgery at the New Zealand College of Podiatric Surgery after a B.Sc.(Hons) Degree in Podiatric Medicine at Brighton University,
He is now a podiatric surgeon in New Zealand.

Kay Elliott :

Kay Elliott

Kay Elliott (now Guilfoyle) started in 1980.

Our year started the tuck shop!

I also remember spotting Roy Castle walking around the school on his own (he came to present awards to 5th year students).

Kay remembers Miss Chester, Mr Hyslop and Mrs Owens.

She is now a Consultant in Sales.

Brooke Evans :

Brooke Evans

Brooke started in 2007.

Her memories of school include:

Pioneer in Year 7, Drayton Manor and Alton Towers and I went skiing in Year 10. House competitions, the DofE Bronze award! I also went to Borneo to carry out charity work after finishing school, organised by Studley High.

She tells us about her teacher memories:

Mrs Edey helped with my Maths.
Miss Chauhan was a great History teacher
Mr Ball was a good Chemistry teacher
Mrs Kirk great supply teacher
I can’t quite remember everyone who taught me!

Brooke is currently a qualified nurse working in haematology at the QE in Birmingham. She started her training at the University of Worcester in 2015. She got into nursing because she always wanted to care for people and was inspired to continue her dream when she became seriously ill herself. You can see her story here:

Katie Farr :

Katie Farr

Katie started with us in 2000.

Katie tells us:

Looking back, the laughs I used to have in lessons were my favourite part of my time at Studley High School - they really were the easiest and more care-free times of my life. To give a few examples I remember when a bird flew into Maths class and pooed on someones head or when Mrs Findlay asked a fellow pupil what a nuclear family was and he responded 'a highly explosive family'.

Staff she particularly recalls:

I have so many fond memories of teachers at Studley). Mr Kennaugh - a formidable head teacher who taught me a lot about politics and the country as a whole. He had an unwavering belief in me that I had never experienced before and always empowered me to act like an adult. Mr Pickett - who I will always remember chastising pupils who were not properly lined up outside his class or hadn't tucked their shirt in; he was firm but fair. Mrs Hughes - such a kind lady, who was always a listening ear.

Katie is now a  self employed event director:

After leaving Studley High School, I went to Alcester Grammar School for my A-Levels and then went straight into Events Management - a career which I never knew existed. I'm now a self employed Event Director and live on a farm in North Devon - life never quite pans out how you expect it to! I've been lucky enough to manage events globally for the Royal Household, Government and well-known brands such as Jaguar Land Rover, JCB, Bacardi, Triumph and Fiat Chrysler. I've had some incredible experiences, but all of that was born of a confidence developed at High School; a free-spirited passion and ambition that came from being treated like an adult (even when I didn't want to be).

Christopher Fay :

Christopher Fay

Chris joined Studley High in 1996.

He recalls that "all my time at Studley was amazing!"

His favourite teacher was Mrs Finley and he's now working as a funeral director.

Lisa Fitzgerald :

Lisa Fitzgerald

Lisa joined Studley in 1977.

She remembers the school cruise (!) on the SS Uganda.

Her favourite teacher was Mr Wilson (PE) because, "he let me play cricket (which the girls didn't do) and made me realise that if you wanted something badly, there would always be someone to help."

Lisa now works as a document controller.

Amy Flynn :

Amy Flynn

Amy joined us in 2010. Amy's favourite school moment, was, being Head Girl of 2015.

Head Girl was so much fun! It was like being a big sister to everyone and helped me make friends in other years too that I still keep in contact with now. The hardest bit was doing talks in front of the whole school, so many faces staring back at you but it was always a sense of achievement after doing them.

Her favourite teacher was Mrs Page, History, "always lovely and bubbly and passionate about her subject, everyone's favourite!"

Amy is currently studying Sports Journalism at the University of Gloucester.

Alex Fox :

Alex Fox

Alex joined us in 1997.

Alex tells us that he has has too many memories to pick a single one, but a few 'stand out moments' were "the great trips we went on such as going to Canada for skiing in Year 8 and Alton Towers in Year 11."

Alex remembers Mrs Hughes (Languages) who was his form teacher in Year 8 and of course his teacher of languages. He recalls that she was a 'genuinely wonderful person'.

Alex is now a technical author for an IT company.

Derek French :

Derek French

Derek joined us in 1957 (he thinks!) and particularly remembers Mr Harris (Maths) as being a teacher who was always encouraging and stretching capabilities.

Derek is a retired accountant (FCMA).

Emma Gardiner :

Emma Gardiner

Emma joined in 1996.

Emma's memorable moment in school was, "The time I got a bit too animated telling a story to my friends, flung my arms out in the corridor at the precise moment Mrs Gunde our German teacher walked past, hitting her in the chest...I've never been so embarrassed!"

Emma remembers Mrs Stevens (Biology) - she always looked forward to her lessons. She remembers the potato osmosis experiments and heart dissections!

Sue is now a Head Veterinary Nurse.

Jo Gilder :

Jo Gilder

Jo Gilder (now Watson) joined us in 1992.

She recalls the school trip to Marle Hall, the French exchange and meeting her husband, Michael Watson (they've been together since school - 25 years this year!)

Jo remembers Mrs Stanley being lovely and Mr Kibblewhite being very funny!
She now works for Heart of England Mencap day services in Studley & Stratford, supporting adults with learning disabilities and loves it.

She has two boys, and one is now a pupil at Studley High School!

Rebecca Gormley :

Rebecca Gormley

Rebecca started in Year 8 in 2006.

She says she has lots of great memories. She used to love sports and the competition between the form groups. She says that she felt she was part of the best form group 'JXH' (Mrs Hodges).

Rebecca's favourite teacher was Mrs Hodges. "she helped me through from Year 8 to Year 11 with everything she did."

She is now living in Hannover, Germany and teaches English to children in a kindergarten (age 3 - 6).

Monica Griffin :

Monica Griffin

Monica started at Studley in 1975.

Monica remembers Mrs Farmer, who really encouraged her to re-join the hockey team after a knee operation. Monica states that she "really enjoyed sports in those days."

I started working in 1978 at 16 years old for HDA Forgings (Mettis Aerospace) as an office junior for 5 years, including 3 years part-time Business Education at Redditch College. After a redundancy I progressed to Brooklyn Garage, office clerk & accounts assistant, then moved on to two different local body repair shops.

Later, I worked again as an Accounts Manager at local plastics company and then moved to Poole, Dorset to work at a similar role for a software company in Ringwood.

I later moved back to Studley and worked as an Accounts Manager at a couple of local IT companies, moving to Bumble Hole Foods, Bromsgrove.

I currently work as an Accounts/Office Manager at Mayswood Garage, Wootton Wawen. I also work part time at a company in accounts/payroll on Sage systems which I am very experienced.

I have been very lucky never to be out of work for 40 years!

Emily Grimble :

Emily Grimble

Emily Grimble (now Herbert)  came to Studley in 1984.

She fondly recalls the French exchange to Allant sir Tholon and is still in touch with her exchange partner Stephanie!

Her memories of the staff include: Miss Leatt, Miss Chester & Mr Hyslop - she loved PE and all the matches she used to play after school.

She currently works in management accounting for the NHS.

Luke Grinham :

Luke Grinham

Luke joined Studley in 2006.

Luke was not only House Captain but also Head Boy! He remembers Mr Sidhu who he recalls "...had a real passion for teaching Science and a great relationship with his students."

Luke is currently a PhD Student at the University of Cambridge. He is studying "The evolution of bipedality in vertebrates" (the change from reptiles walking on all 4s to walking on 2 limbs, and how this lead to the success of groups such as dinosaurs). He tells us it is a mixture of biomechanics and paleontology!

He is currently aiming to follow the path of academia and be a full-time researcher, but he has 3 years left of this programme before he needs to make a decision!

Gareth Grubb :

Gareth Grubb

Gareth started in 1993.

His memories:

I had a great time at Studley High. They where right all those years ago, they were some the best times of my life. Met some fantastic friends who I still see 21 years on. The year of 1993 rocked and I cannot believe it's been 21 years already.

About staff:

I really remember Mrs Stanley. She understood me and took me under her wing.

Gareth now operates a 42 tonne truck at a company in Evesham after serving for 8 years as a Royal Engineer.

Callum Grummett :

Callum Grummett

Callum joined us in 2008.

He tells us his memories of school are.. "Brilliant, I have nothing but great memories of the school'"

He remembers Mrs Green, who taught Biology:

..she always found ways to include everyone, while making the lessons fun.

Callum now works in pharmacy, having studied Biology at College and then at University.

Marie Guilfoyle :

Marie Guilfoyle

Marie joined us in 1987.

She recalls 'Activity Week' as her favourite time at school. Her favourite teacher was Mrs Tracey and she is now a Sales Co-ordinator.

James Hancox :

James Hancox

James started in 2010.

His favourite teacher was Mrs Page (History) or Mrs Edey (Maths).

Mrs Page always helped me out whenever I needed it. Mrs Edey helped me out especially in Year 11 when I was struggling with Maths and was potentially going to fail my GCSE Maths. Without her, I wouldn’t be at the level I am studying at now.

James is studying Level 5 HND in Public Services.

Charley Hemming :

Charley Hemming

Charley joined in 1999. Her memories of school are of Mr Picketts Science lessons and her English teacher.

Charley is a Childrens Support Worker and is currently completing her Social Care degree. She completed TEFL, qualified as a Teaching assistant, was offered a position working in English summer camps in Italy and Austria over the summer and decided to go to University when returned.

Sue Hemming :

Sue Hemming

Sue Hemming (now Green) joined us in 1969.

Her memory of school: 'Great school great friends great teachers.'

She doesn't recall specific teaching staff, but had positive memories of all of them.

Sue now keeps accounts records for the family business.

Stacey Hewitt :

Stacey Hewitt

Stacey joined us in 1994.

Stacey tells us she has too many memories to recount but Mrs Stephenson was her most memorable teacher. "She was the nicest and most down to earth teacher."

She is now a Benefits Officer for Redditch Council.

Lee Hickin :

Lee Hickin

Lee joined Studley in 1981.

I have so many memories: very clear memory of the camping trip to Europe (I still have so many photos) in1983 where we visited the pyramids and so much more. My fondest memories from my time at Studley High School were participating in the school productions; I was lucky to play the lead in Bugsy Malone in 1985 (I still have a copy of it from the original VHS tape).

Memories of the staff:

All of the teachers in some way shaped my life of course - Mrs Holmes for History, Mrs Whiteman for Maths etc.. but I remember Mrs Tracey most fondly for her support and encouragement to get out of my shell and step onto the stage.

Lee moved to Australian 1996 and has been living there ever since. He is currently the Chief Technology Officer for Microsoft Australia, having been interested in computers since the late 70's.

Eleanor Higgitt :

Eleanor Higgitt

Eleanor joined Studley High in 2003. She told us she had many fond memories of school.

One of her favourite memories was at the end of Year 11. She recalls a group of pupils giving Mr Pickett a present in his Science class and seeing how much it meant to him.

She remembers Mr Pickett and Mrs Lumley. She said, "They were both such amazing support, they gave me encouragement and motivation but were also always there when I needed anything; whether it was to do with their subject or not. They also pushed me when I needed it which I now really appreciate (maybe didn't appreciate it as much at the time!). It was good to know that even when you weren't sure what you could accomplish, they had faith in you and were willing to help and advise you however they could."

Eleanor is now a Physiotherapist.

Rebecca Higgitt :

Rebecca Higgitt

Rebecca Higgit (now Turner) started in 1997.

I’ve got so many amazing memories of my time at Studley High; particularly trips to Water World & Alton Towers, school discos(!) and music gigs (it was all about The Badgers!), productions and the Year 8 inter-form competition! For me though... being part of the netball team throughout my five years, was just the best!


I feel very fortunate that there were so many wonderful teachers at Studley during my time there. Depending on what I needed help with, there was always someone there, ready and willing to listen, help and advise. Teachers that had a really positive impact on me though, have to be Miss Chester, Miss Boden, Mr Pickett, Mrs Smith, Mr German, Mr Russell, Mr Grainger, Mrs Findlay and Mrs Eason. Thank you for making my time at Studley, so memorable.


I still live in Studley, with my husband and our two young daughters. I am a part-time Primary School teacher and have recently become a franchise owner of “Boogie Beat Music and Movement”. I also still love playing netball, once a week (thank you, Miss Chester!)

Debbie Hill :

Debbie Hill

Debbie joined us in 1986. She told us she loved her time at school and remembers Miss Leatt being her favourite teacher. "She was so energetic and dedicated."

Debbie is now a Police Officer.

Sandra Hill :

Sandra Hill

Sandra Hill (now Callaghan) first came to Studley High in 1975.

Her memories include:

Very happy time feeling valued. Lots of great trips: skiing, Wimbledon, Wales. I got into music and sport, school performances band/musicals. I even remember Roy Castle who did the awards in 1980!

About the staff:

The lady PE teacher. She encouraged me to believe in myself.

Sandra is now a Secondary Music teacher, living in the Northwest of England:

I played in youth music groups and went on to study at Salford and Bath. Studley High gave me my first instrument thanks to the headteacher!

Paul Hodges (MBE) :

Paul Hodges (MBE)

Paul joined Studley High in 1957.

He remembers Mr Harper, the headteacher being, "a very strict man."

He loved cross-country and the road runs.

He left school in 1962 and having completed his training to join the Royal Navy, missed out on a post on the Ark Royal, with an injury.

He then joined the Fire Service, serving for 30 years before (nearly) retiring.

He was awarded an MBE in 2015:

I was presented with my MBE by Her Majesty the Queen. We spoke and she asked me about the work I had done, setting up the trauma support team."

Paul set the trauma support team up, voluntarily, which then became the critical incident debriefing unit. He rolled this out to various stations and was awarded his MBE for his commitment to this.

Sally Hollins :

Sally Hollins

Sally started here in 1977.

I remember the great plays I was lucky enough to perform in, especially 'The Card', as well as my English Teacher, Mrs Davies. She used to say "that's not a threat it's a promise'! She inspired me to do English A' Level. Mr Perkins was my first year from Tutor. He was lovely. He taught DT which was not considered a subject for Girls! Mrs Parker for Home Economics and Childcare. All the teachers were all so passionate about teaching!

I have been working at King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys, in King's Heath since 2003. I work in the school office monitoring attendance as well as administration.

Latasha Howells :

Latasha Howells

Latasha joined us in 2000.

Her favourite memory of school was going to college on a Friday. Her favourite teacher was:

Mrs Ingram, the best form teacher ever!

Latasha went to Moreton Morrell to study Agriculture, and then continued for a further 3 years gaining 2 diplomas. She met her husband there and now lives on a farm, running an equine livery business in Surrey.

Debbie Hulland :

Debbie Hulland

Debbie Hulland (now Lamb) started at Studley in 1982. She recalls laughing and having plenty of fun whilst at school. Mr Perkins (Maths) really helped her to understand the subject.

Debbie is a full-time mum.

Debbie Humphreys :

Debbie Humphreys

Debbie Humphreys (now Stanley) started with us in 1978.

Her memories:

Happy times - some great teachers who saw something in me and pushed me to achieve. Great discipline that taught us respect.

Her teacher memories:

Mr Roger Young, Mr Kevin Pickett, Miss Jo Chester, Miss Leatt.... who took us camping and climbing which I continued into adult life where I climbed in the Alps. Mr Grainger, a fabulous teacher, used to sit and chat to us in lessons about all sorts of things, probably learnt more about life in those informal chats than in a 'proper' structured lesson! Mrs Tracey - a bit of a stickler but taught us respect.
Mrs Titchmarsh, the best teacher EVER. taught me to type and set me up for my first ever job.

Debbie told us:

When I left school, I worked at a local estate agents, and then worked as a typesetter at WHY magazine, then a graphic designer in Astwood Bank. I ended up running a huge marketing department for Listers before finally working as a practice manager at my husband's dental practice until I retired early.

Thanks to my education & hard work in life this has enabled me to retire early and have the best life ever. I now make jewellery and crafts as a hobby.

Thomas Humphries :

Thomas Humphries

Tom started at Studley in 1995.

His best memory of school was playing basketball for the school team. He remembers Mr Baxter very well and is now running his own photography business. He used to be a chef but after working 16-18 hour days, he bought himself a decent camera, a ticket to Australia and started taking photos!

The rest is history..


Craig Hunt :

Craig Hunt

Craig joined in 1971.

Craig remembers, "in my first year the headmaster was Mr Harper who I understood to be an ex-military man. He gave house points for pupils who swung their arms when walking along the corridor! I stayed on for the 6th form and obtained an A Level in Economics which was possibly a one off."

Craig has memories of Mr Johnson (Maths) "...he had a great sense of humour and wrote 'annanarf' on the blackboard to denote 'and a half'! We were allowed to attend his funeral when he sadly died during my years as a pupil."

After a successful career as a Senior manager at Lloyd's Banking Group, Craig is happily retired and still lives in the village carrying out volunteer work.

David Hunt :

David Hunt

David started at Studley High in 1970.

He told us:

Looking back now, I really remember the sense of team work and our school trip to Wales.

His favourite teacher was Mr Johnson (Woodwork) who had, " a good sense of discipline."

David now loves in North Devon and is running a group of six McDonalds Restaurants with a work force of 464 staff and "enjoying life to the full." He tells us his wife is also Mayor of Barnstaple so they both have "a very full social life."

He also told us that when Prince Charles and Camilla visited Barnstaple as part of their Devon and Cornwall tour he and his wife (the mayor) met them both.
We accompanied them both throughout their visit as hosts and showed them around the local pannier market. We had great dialogue and it was an honour and a pleasure to be engaged in such a prestigious occasion.

Mark Hutchinson :

Mark Hutchinson

Mark joined in Year 9, in 1979.

He arrived at Studley High at the end of 2nd year going into 3rd from Greville High in Alcester. Playing musical instruments was something that came naturally to Mark; his Mum was a piano teacher.

I joined the school band and various groups and snapped up the opportunity to have the leading role in 'Smike', (a musical about Nicholas Nicholby and the life at Dotheboys Hall, very Dickensian!!) It was great fun and went down very well."

He remembers Mr Granville as "a cool dude!" He says, Mr Granville was "a man of the 60’s with an air of the free spirit. "I had metalwork with him but he was my year tutor at one point. He was the kind of person who treated you as an adult, would give you good advice and treat you fairly. He used to say to me, 'Remember Mark, an empty vessel makes the most noise!  It’s something I think of to this day."

Mark is a retired Military Musician and Police Officer.

I took my Music O’Level on June 28th 1982, on 29th I was in the Army as a musician. I served in The Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment, The Royal Engineers and the Army Air Corps until I left in 2005. I had the pleasure of soldiering in various wars, performing music all over the world including Royalty, heads of state and the public, had tea with The Queen, shook Princess Diana‘s hand, joked with Prince Charles and grew up the military way. After leaving the Army, I taught Music in Swindon before joining the Wiltshire Police 2006. I became a detective in 2009 and was knocked off my bicycle whilst cycling home in 2015 and was retired due to injuries sustained in the RTC 2016. I still play music in a local band and enjoy the piano at home in Chippenham, Wiltshire.

Della Jackson :

Della Jackson

Della Jackson (now Green) started in 1981.

She recalls her one particular needlework lesson.."I made a skirt and it didn't even fit when I finished it!"

She remembers Mrs Homes (History) was her favourite teacher and she now works at the Alexandra Hospital, Redditch.

Louie Johnson :

Louie Johnson

Louie started at Studley High in 2009.

He told us there were far too many good memories to choose just one!

The Italy trip was definitely one of the highlights of my time at Studley High. I made so many friends who will be with me for life.

He also told us that his favourite teacher was Mr Pickett, "a very inspirational and kind man who was responsible for my love for Science and encouraging students to do well."

Louie is now studying a Chemistry degree at University of Central Lancashire.

Charlotte Jones :

Charlotte Jones

Charlotte joined us in 2010 and particularly remembers Mrs Tarby-Donald (MFL) and said, "She was the best teacher ever and loved all her students."

Charlotte is now studying Primary Education at Nottingham Trent University.

Chloe Jones :

Chloe Jones

Chloe joined Studley High School in 2010.

Mrs Hatfield inspired me the most out of all the amazing teachers at Studley High, I really struggled with Maths throughout the five years but she really made it easy and fun for everyone in the class. Mrs Skelding also really inspired me in RE lessons which led to me choosing Theology as an A- Level.

After leaving Studley Chloe attended St Augustine's where she achieved 3 A-Levels in History, Theology and Sociology and is now working as a Building services Electrical Engineer.

Richard Jones :

Richard Jones

Richard joined school in 1997.

He remembers the school production of 'The Wizard of Oz' and Mrs Loft.

He is now a chef, inspired by the school kitchens, working at the RSC and then completing training at Catering College.

Justin Kerridge :

Justin Kerridge

You may know Justin Kerridge as District Councillor for Studley, representing the local community, but Justin is a former Studley High School pupil who joined us in 1980.

Justin had fond memories of school productions and in particular his teacher, Mrs Tracy, who was passionate about literature and performance.

Elaine Kettle :

Elaine Kettle

Elaine joined in 1994.

She says she actually enjoyed school most of the time, "I had great friends which helped."

"I remember I would always try and meet a friend at the top of Castle Road to walk to school with and if I was late, I'd get a lift. Then I'd then run back down to the main road to meet my friend, as I hated walking into school alone."

I can recall small, silly things like being on 'reception' duty for two days. Every Y10/11 pupil did this, as far as I remember.

I hated the smell of the PE changing rooms, the 'new' building turning up (where we had English lessons), German exchange program, practice interviews and completing our a Record of Achievements etc. The more I think about it the more I remember.

Elaine's favourite teacher was her Physics teacher who encouraged her to do the higher paper in Science GCSE. "She believed in me and I'm so grateful for that..and I did do well which proves teachers know their students. I always remember this when I'm pushing my own students now, to do their best."

Elaine is now a teacher at a private school abroad.

Nikki Lee :

Nikki Lee

Nikki joined in 1983.

She remembers her 1st French exchange and French teacher, Mrs Robinson who retired at the end of her fourth year in school.

Nikki met her years later at the NIA - sat behind her watching Davis Cup tennis!

Nikki is now an insurance specialist for the Legal sector.

Genvieve Lowe :

Genvieve Lowe

Genvieve started at Studley in 2002.

She told us:

During my time at Studley High School I really enjoyed getting involved in extracurricular performing arts activities. I owe a lot to Studley High and all the teachers during my time there for supporting my passion and giving me plenty of opportunities to develop my skills! Whilst at Studley High, I played Rizzo in the school production of Grease, took part in the Shakespeare Schools Foundation (as Helena in A Midsummer Night’s Dream), was involved in a musical project (The Bee Musical) with local feeder primary schools, and won Studley’s Got Talent
with a tap dance routine. After finishing at Studley High School, I went on to complete my A Levels at North Bromsgrove Sixth Form. Having auditioned at a number of drama schools in the UK and being offered places at Colchester, Mountview and LIPA, I decided to accept my place at LIPA and moved to Liverpool to study a BA Hons in Acting.
Whilst I studied at LIPA I took part in a number of productions, including playing the role of Vic in the UK premier of Bucuresti, a new musical. I also provided voice over work for a Mexican animation company and sang in cabaret for Light’s Up Entertainment.
In 2013, I graduated from LIPA with a 1 st Class BA Hons in Acting and got to meet Sir Paul McCartney. Since graduation, I have worked professionally as an actor in a number of productions, including:
Present Laughter (Daphne Stillington), The Importance of Being Earnest (Cecily Cardew), Peter Pan (Wendy), The Wind in the Willows (Mole), and A Christmas Carol (Mrs Cratchit/Belle). I have also acted in a number of films, a highlight playing French Assassin in indie feature film (Kaleidoscope Man) that was released earlier this year. Last year I began working with Worcester Repertory Company, playing Desdemona in Othello at Worcester Cathedral, and The Good Fairy Azuriel in their pantomime Sleeping Beauty. Having always loved pantomime, I was over the moon to be offered the lead in Worcester Rep’s new pantomime this year: Maid Marian and the Merry Men. The pantomime has even been featured in the Stage Magazine for offering a new twist on the classic fairy tale, making the female character the hero of the story!
Alongside acting, I am also an Associate of the London College of Music and work as a musical director/choreographer on various young adult productions, most recently conducting the choir for G4 and Lesley Garrett at Festival on the Close and for G4 again at Birmingham Town Hall.

Paula Marshall :

Paula Marshall

Paula Marshall (now Thirtle-Watts) joined Studley in 1974.

She recalls the school trip to London when "we went to see Jesus Christ Superstar - I've loved musicals ever since...and going to see Romeo and Juliet as an outside performance at night with Mrs Hogarth."

Paula remembers Mr Parkes for "...teaching accounts (debits and credits finally clicked the day of the exam!), Mr Snell for finally making Maths make sense, Mrs Robinson because I loved French and Mrs Hogarth because she terrified me!!"

After I left Studley High I went to Stratford College and studied for a BEC National Diploma in Business Studies and then went on to Leamington College to do a Personal Assistants Course. We then lived in Florida between 1983 and 1987 where I worked as a nanny and then as a secretary in a bank. When we returned to the UK I decided I needed a more challenging career and so went to Birmingham Polytechnic as a mature student to do an Accountancy Foundation Course. I qualified as an ACCA in 1992 and I am now Corporate Manager for a firm of chartered accountants in Shrewsbury and celebrate my 30th year with them this year!

Thea Matthews :

Thea Matthews

Thea started at Studley High in 2006.

Thea's best memory is "somewhere between all the conversations I had with the amazing Mr Lopeman, the talent shows, the school production of 'Newsies' and the ski trip in Year 11 to Italy."

Thea's favourite teachers were Miss Beddoes (Drama) and Mrs Ingram (English), "they both pushed me and helped me throughout the GCSE years."

Thea is currently working as a freelancer and travel newsreader with Free Radio and the BBC.

Lydia Meredith :

Lydia Meredith

Lydia Meredith (now Venus) joined in 1996.

She fondly remembers the talent show for Year 9 Enterprise and Mr Wake, Maths Teacher.

Lydia is now an Executive Assistant at NEC.

Lewis Millington :

Lewis Millington

Lewis started at Studley in 2002.

I look back on my time at Studley fondly. Coming in to Year 7 as one of three from my feeder school I was anxious about making new friends and making the jump but because of the brilliant community setting the school provided, I settled quickly and certainly made the right choice. Real highlights were the activity weeks where we got to try skills outside of the curriculum like Asian cooking, Capoeira and learning the Maori Haka. Also there was an abundance of trips, Marle Hall in Wales and the Geography trip to Iceland in 2006 were particular highlights.

Lewis particularly remembers Mr Nicol in RS.

He was a fantastic teacher - dynamic and used pop culture through music and film to ensure that the messages in RS were accessible to his students.

Lewis is currently Subject Lead for Geography at Barton Peveril College in Eastleigh just outside of Southampton. Lewis found Geography at Studley engaging and enjoyed multiple trips locally to Birmingham city centre to see Urban change as well as Iceland which was 'awe-inspiring'. He told us it inspired him to study Geography A Level at Alcester Grammar school and now teach the subject!

Jennifer Mole :

Jennifer Mole

Jennifer Mole (now Robinson) started in 1997.

I have too many memories to mention but stand out memories relate to the French exchange I took part in 2 years running - I can still hear Mrs Hughes reaction as a coach driver circumnavigated the Arc de Triomphe roundabout!

My favourite teacher was Mrs Hughes  - a lady whose enthusiasm was never dampened even when faced with seriously challenging pupils!

Jennifer now works as a Communications Manager for Sheffield Hallam University and she loves her job. She's married to a Yorkshireman who she met holiday. Sheffield is very much her home now.

Mike Morrison :

Mike Morrison

Mike joined in 2004.

He told us:

My best subject was IT. It was always a constant battle of balancing the work we needed to do with passing a memory stick around the room loaded with games.

I walked away with excellent grades. I remember Mr Lopeman, he was an excellent teacher. Whenever you were struggling with anything academic or otherwise he was always someone who was happy to listen and offer advice. A much loved teacher by all by my memeory.

Mike is now a Shift Manager at Halfords, and is responsible for all aspects of the daily running of a warehouse with around 80 colleagues and managers. He told us it was meant to be a 'stop gap' - a Christmas temp job after leaving school, for a couple of months prior to joining the Armed Forces.

I didn't ever end up leaving and have worked my way up.

Atiya Munir :

Atiya Munir

Atiya started at Studley in 2008.

Her memories of school:

Performing in the Christmas plays and pantomimes (I really miss acting!) Learning 'Hit me baby one more time' in German (Schlag mich baby noch einmal!) which I still sing to my friends doing German! Doing performances in the amphitheatre for History and Classical Civilisation, and holding our very own symposium. Helping design the Studley needle monument on the roundabout. Being a mentor and prefect! Also, being a house captain was very fulfilling and gave me invaluable leadership skills. I remember doing a sponsored silence for Children in Need....a 9 hour art exam! Participating in European Languages Week.

Teachers who inspired or stood out:

Madame Tarby-Donald - always praised me for my abilities in French, I always used to ask for more French homework. Mrs Ayton - advised me to go into translation. Miss Beddoes - helped me improve my confidence in performing, as well as self-confidence in general.

Atiya graduated in French, English Language and Italian at University of Birmingham last year.

I am now doing an MSc in Psychology and working in Community Management in Paris. I did a few summer internships and workshops in digital marketing and operations. I needed to get out of the UK before Brexit, so I applied for countless jobs, until my current manager replied. I can't even remember applying for my job, but I love it here! We are a young, dynamic, multicultural team, and I can speak in any language I want, which is just the job I was looking for after graduation.

Victoria Murch :

Victoria Murch

Victoria joined us in 1984.

Her favourite memories of school, were the two trips to Belgium for History GCSE.

She currently works as an HSA at Alexandra Hospital in Redditch, after joining a Youth Training Scheme, after leaving school.

Jack Nicholls :

Jack Nicholls

Jack started at Studley in 2005.

He remembers the teachers "only wanting the best for us."

He particularly remembers Mrs Joyce & Mrs Stephenson. "They always pushed me to be the best I could be."

Jack is now a Bakery Manager.

Joanne Parker :

Joanne Parker

Jo joined us in 1977.

Jo remembers a Geography field trip to Conwy in North Wales (but wouldn't expand on why!)

She recalls that Mr Wilson always made lessons interesting and was a very fair teacher.

Jo is now a Charity worker in North Wales.

Sally Parker :

Sally Parker

Sally Parker (now Jenkins) started at Studley in 1976.

She particularly remembers the School cruise on the SS Uganda!

Her memories of teachers:

Mrs Titchmarsh was a brilliant teacher and her lessons were always my favourite.

She now works as an Investment Support Officer giving business advice, support and managing grants within the Caerphilly Borough in South Wales.

After school, Sally joined the Army and was stationed around the world before settling in South Wales. She has worked in insurance, childcare, completed AAT qualifications and the moved on to working in business support. She has 3 children and 3 grandchildren!

Caroline Parr :

Caroline Parr

Caroline joined Studley High in 1970.

Her memories of school include:

The school was traditional, in that boys did metalwork and woodwork and girls learnt to cook, sew and type. The girls appealed against this in 1974 but were overruled, there was a pupil strike one summer where we all ran off across the playing field, but soon ran back after Mr Harper, the headteacher, appeared!
I was part of a production of Macbeth one year, directed by Mrs Hogarth, starring Martin Homer and Hilary Berry. All the props were made in school, I had to catch Lady Macbeth when she fainted. It is still my favourite Shakespearean play to this day. I went on the YHA trip to Ross on Wye and we walked to Tintern Abbey.
There was a school disco, like a prom, each year just before we left and I remember Slade’s Merry Christmas had just been released.

She recalls the staff too:

Mrs Hogarth was scary but amazing, she was a Geordie and very dramatic. She had red hair, artfully held back in a tortoiseshell clip, a black velvet suit, red lipstick and clicking heels. She told us if she woke us in the middle of the night and asked us to quote from certain pages of “Wuthering Heights,” we should know it off by heart. Her fantastic teaching earned me two A's at English O Level and the English prize, unfortunately Maths wasn’t so impressive!
Mrs Owens was a great Art teacher. I loved the pottery room with the kiln and learning about slip glazes.
Mrs Thomas taught Music and Cookery, her background in Welsh choirs helped us to understand how to sing.
I remember Miss Turner in Geography teaching us about glaciers and Mrs Profitt in History, teaching the industrial revolution.
They were both quite trendy in tank tops and blouses with ridiculously long collars. We could always hear the girls learning to type to the William Tell overture next door and the typewriters going 'ping'. I point blank refused to learn to type or to do shorthand.
Sport was good I loved athletics and being in the relay team, training on the excellent track each summer.
We actually had teachers who really cared, which counted, as failing the 11 plus put you at a real disadvantage educationally, with a presumption you would not go to university and would follow a technical education.
A small group of us fought to take O Levels rather than CSEs in our year and were forced to study two syllabuses in case we failed the O Levels.
In total I did eight years of further education to make up for this prejudice.
So I truly thank the teachers, for their belief in us.

Caroline told us of her path after school:

After leaving school at 16, I went to college in Stratford on Avon, to study hotel management and then to the College of Food in Birmingham to enter the HCIMA as a professional manager. I then completed a management training scheme with Trust House Forte Hotels, working in Birmingham, Cardiff and York where I became a Food and Beverage Manager. I then transferred to London to work in corporate hospitality for BP in the city.

I took a break to have my two sons, and then retrained as a teacher at the Institute of Education UCL, also completing an MA in Religious Education, whilst working in two schools. 16 years ago,

I founded a small private school in central London for a charity, which has grown into a successful, well regarded school. We pride ourselves on our multicultural, diverse community, support for children with SEND and transition to both selective and state schools. We offer French, Spanish, Yoga, Art, Forest School, Music, Dance and Cookery in our curriculum. As a headteacher I am passionate about inclusion, opportunity and lifelong learning. I love my job and I have the same humorous, relaxed approach, I enjoyed from some of my teachers at Studley High School.

Beth Parry :

Beth Parry

Beth joined Studley High School in 2011 and her favourite memories of school are: GCSE Music classes after school with Mr Wiltshire and GCSE Drama. 

Her most memorable time was 'results day'!

Beth particularly remembers Ms Beddoes (Drama), Mrs Harris (Chemistry), Mrs Smith (Maths) and Mrs Dunlop (English). They made her feel like they truly believed in her.

Since leaving school, Beth has passed her Clarinet Performance Diploma making her a professional musician. She is working on Grade 8 saxophone and has started flute and piano.

Beth is at sixth form hoping to be a medical student.

Sarah Pearce :

Sarah Pearce

Sarah Pearce (now Hughes) started at Studley in 2000.

She particularly remembers a school trip to Austria.

The skiing trip in 2004 to Innsbruck, Austria was my first ever school trip. I absolutely loved it but have not been on a skiing holiday since - just indoor slopes a couple of times. I also went on 3 French exchanges 2002 and 2003 Alient sur Son and Auxerre.

Her favourite teacher was Madame Tarby-Donald (MFL).

Mme Tarby really supported me through school. She was my form tutor and teacher for languages. Mrs Lott was also great support. I could be a bit of a chatterbox and concentration wasn't great so after having awful GCSE predictions, my stubborn side and determination took over. I ended up with an A 6 B's and 2 C's. I don't think she will ever realise the huge impact she had on my life and career and to have someone believe in you, meant so much to me. 

She says that Mme Tarby-Donald was, "The loveliest teacher, who would go above and beyond for all her pupils.

Sarah is particularly proud of her efforts, looking back, as she was diagnosed with dyslexia one month after starting college.

After leaving school, she started at Birmingham College of Food  (now UCB) and studied Heath Studies, ending with a commendation. This enabled Sarah to secure a place at Birmingham City University and she then trained to be a paediatric nurse.

After qualifying she then decided to become a Heath Visitor. Sarah completed placements on Intensive Care at Birmingham Children's Hospital (and loved it) and then secured her first position there. She has been a qualified Heath Visitor for 3 years now and . Her role is largely dealing with complex needs and safeguarding.

Ben Peat :

Ben Peat

Ben started with us in 2006.

He told us:

I remember my Maths teacher, Mrs Smith - she was certainly the most supportive teacher I had during my time in school. From both an academic and pastoral perspective she offered direction when I needed it - especially when it came to exam period.

Ben graduated from the University of Sheffield after 3 years of studying Law. Currently he is working in Risk for FCE Bank just outside of London as part of their Graduate Programme. He is part of the team responsible for managing Operational Risk across twenty-one countries in our European portfolio. He and his partner are in the latter stages of buying their first house together in Hertfordshire.

Margaret Pick :

Margaret Pick

Margaret Pick (now Payne) started at Studley High in 1957.

I believe it was 2 years after it opened when I started as I remember Roger Cornish and Mick Miller, both a year older then me always being on the school bus.

I remember Mr Earles' choir - he was everyone's favourite. Mr Jackson was a very firm teacher. I also remember Mr Matthews, Mrs Carter, Mrs Skinner, Mr Johnson, Mr Morris, Mr Grey, Mrs Swain and Miss Rose.

One of the school rules was that you always had to walk on the left-hand side of corridors or stairs.

After leaving school, Margaret worked in the local grocery and deli shop. Along with her husband she lead a committee improving Alcester, winning 'Britain in Bloom' every year. Margaret is still heavily involved with making the town a brighter place and is the author of local books.