Tomas Allum :

Tomas Allum

Tomas joined us in 2006. He remembers watching a snowball travel over 30m and land on Mr Wiltshire's shoulder. "I don't know who threw it, but neither did he!"

He remembers his favourite teacher:

Mr Baxter. He was an athlete back in his day and knew how to talk to and inspire students, especially with an interest in sport. A fond memory of him was when I had just got home from school and I get a knock at the door. I lived next door to school. Mr Baxter had come to ask me to represent the Year 10s and 11s in a tennis match against Alcester High and I was in Year 8. I felt honoured, and I almost beat their number 1 seed.

Tomas is a Marketing Analyst and Campaign Management Executive. "I create and manage the marketing campaigns and manage the marketing team to execute them, at a college."

Jodie Baylis :

Jodie Baylis

Jodie joined us in 2001.

She said the best thing about being at Studley High School, was meeting her best friend in Year 7 and "....still having her in my life is what I am most thankful for."

She remembers Mrs Hughes - Head of French. " She was the loveliest lady and always has faith in her pupils. Mrs Hughes gave me the confidence to gain a grade B in French when I did not believe in myself."

Jodie is now a Service Administrator for a Blue Chip Construction company Marubeni-Komatsu Ltd in Redditch.

Paul Blackmore :

Paul Blackmore

Paul joined us in 2006 and clearly remembers running sound and lights in the theatre for the 2007 production of 'Grease'!

His favourite teacher was Mr Sidhu (Biology) in Years 9-11. Paul said "it was always fun and relaxed, and we passed with great results!"

Paul is currently a video editor of TV shows and corporate videos. He is also a freelance video and photographer.

Rebekah Buffong :

Rebekah Buffong

Rebekah joined us in 2004.

She told us:

I remember music had a big part to play in my school life at Studley High. There was always something musical to get involved in and this was always encouraged. I remember winning the Solo Performance heat for Studley's Got Talent but the best part was that I was up against my brother in the final 2 and he came second! I also remember then coming back to the school in later years to help judge the show.

Her school memories:

Mr. Wiltshire and I still keep in contact. I remember he'd always allow me into the music rehearsal studios at lunchtime and after school, I think I spent more time there than anywhere else! I remember putting on a Christmas event for my church and I hired out the school hall. Mr. Wiltshire and Mrs. Davies (my form tutor) both came to support the event even though it was on a Saturday evening. Mr. Wiltshire also played the piano for the event. He went above and beyond to help me with my music always putting me forward for school concerts and that's what inspired me to take up music as a profession.

John Butters :

John Butters

John joined Studley High in 2003.

John's memories from school are of bunsen burners, overhead projectors, blazers for goalposts - (he says. "all cliches but you do miss them as you get older!").

He was inspired by the former headteacher Mrs E Young, who taught Business Studies. She commanded respect and led a challenging class to strong results, all whilst managing the school as a whole.

John is currently an account manager for a global media agency.

Rachael Dale :

Rachael Dale

Rachael Dale (now Rollisson) joined us in 2000. The best thing about school for her, was meeting her husband who is also a former pupil!

Rachael remembers Mr Lopeman and Mr Nicoll, "they always made their lessons fun and interesting!"

Rachael is now a Jump Rope Coach, at Junior school and after school club and she has also set up a company teaching in schools and running events.

Dan Dowson :

Dan Dowson

Dan started with us in 2008.

Hi best memory of school was a German trip to Aachen in December 2011.

Mrs Lumley’s passionate teaching of the subject really opened my eyes to the benefits and enjoyment, of learning a foreign language. So I jumped at the chance to go to Germany and experience a 'proper' German Christmas market. A combined journey time of 18 hours (all in the same coach seat) did take it out of me, but experiencing the market stalls, the German food, and the atmosphere was a breath-taking experience and rather overwhelming for 14-year-old me! To this day, I can still remember the fantastic church tour, and the delicious German breakfast in a typical German café. And to top things off, I distinctly remember being very proud of myself due to my recount of the trip being put in the school magazine! The whole experience is something I will never forget and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

His favourite teachers were Mrs Stephenson and Mr Pickett.

Mrs Stephenson suggested that I should become a Primary teacher. I was hesitant at first, but she motivated and believed in me and being given mini-responsibilities by Mr Pickett around school, such as: being named senior prefect and being put in charge of wet break and lunches (which I thought was a big thing!) gave me the confidence and belief to follow my dream.

Dan graduated as a primary school teacher in 2018 and has been teaching in a Junior School in Solihull since September 2018. He has taught Year 4 (Sept 2018-July 2020) and now teaches Year 6.

Brooke Evans :

Brooke Evans

Brooke started in 2007.

Her memories of school include:

Pioneer in Year 7, Drayton Manor and Alton Towers and I went skiing in Year 10. House competitions, the DofE Bronze award! I also went to Borneo to carry out charity work after finishing school, organised by Studley High.

She tells us about her teacher memories:

Mrs Edey helped with my Maths.
Miss Chauhan was a great History teacher
Mr Ball was a good Chemistry teacher
Mrs Kirk great supply teacher
I can’t quite remember everyone who taught me!

Brooke is currently a qualified nurse working in haematology at the QE in Birmingham. She started her training at the University of Worcester in 2015. She got into nursing because she always wanted to care for people and was inspired to continue her dream when she became seriously ill herself. You can see her story here:

Katie Farr :

Katie Farr

Katie started with us in 2000.

Katie tells us:

Looking back, the laughs I used to have in lessons were my favourite part of my time at Studley High School - they really were the easiest and more care-free times of my life. To give a few examples I remember when a bird flew into Maths class and pooed on someones head or when Mrs Findlay asked a fellow pupil what a nuclear family was and he responded 'a highly explosive family'.

Staff she particularly recalls:

I have so many fond memories of teachers at Studley). Mr Kennaugh - a formidable head teacher who taught me a lot about politics and the country as a whole. He had an unwavering belief in me that I had never experienced before and always empowered me to act like an adult. Mr Pickett - who I will always remember chastising pupils who were not properly lined up outside his class or hadn't tucked their shirt in; he was firm but fair. Mrs Hughes - such a kind lady, who was always a listening ear.

Katie is now a  self employed event director:

After leaving Studley High School, I went to Alcester Grammar School for my A-Levels and then went straight into Events Management - a career which I never knew existed. I'm now a self employed Event Director and live on a farm in North Devon - life never quite pans out how you expect it to! I've been lucky enough to manage events globally for the Royal Household, Government and well-known brands such as Jaguar Land Rover, JCB, Bacardi, Triumph and Fiat Chrysler. I've had some incredible experiences, but all of that was born of a confidence developed at High School; a free-spirited passion and ambition that came from being treated like an adult (even when I didn't want to be).

Rebecca Gormley :

Rebecca Gormley

Rebecca started in Year 8 in 2006.

She says she has lots of great memories. She used to love sports and the competition between the form groups. She says that she felt she was part of the best form group 'JXH' (Mrs Hodges).

Rebecca's favourite teacher was Mrs Hodges. "she helped me through from Year 8 to Year 11 with everything she did."

She is now living in Hannover, Germany and teaches English to children in a kindergarten (age 3 - 6).

Luke Grinham :

Luke Grinham

Luke joined Studley in 2006.

Luke was not only House Captain but also Head Boy! He remembers Mr Sidhu who he recalls "...had a real passion for teaching Science and a great relationship with his students."

Luke is currently a PhD Student at the University of Cambridge. He is studying "The evolution of bipedality in vertebrates" (the change from reptiles walking on all 4s to walking on 2 limbs, and how this lead to the success of groups such as dinosaurs). He tells us it is a mixture of biomechanics and paleontology!

He is currently aiming to follow the path of academia and be a full-time researcher, but he has 3 years left of this programme before he needs to make a decision!

Callum Grummett :

Callum Grummett

Callum joined us in 2008.

He tells us his memories of school are.. "Brilliant, I have nothing but great memories of the school'"

He remembers Mrs Green, who taught Biology:

..she always found ways to include everyone, while making the lessons fun.

Callum now works in pharmacy, having studied Biology at College and then at University.

Eleanor Higgitt :

Eleanor Higgitt

Eleanor joined Studley High in 2003. She told us she had many fond memories of school.

One of her favourite memories was at the end of Year 11. She recalls a group of pupils giving Mr Pickett a present in his Science class and seeing how much it meant to him.

She remembers Mr Pickett and Mrs Lumley. She said, "They were both such amazing support, they gave me encouragement and motivation but were also always there when I needed anything; whether it was to do with their subject or not. They also pushed me when I needed it which I now really appreciate (maybe didn't appreciate it as much at the time!). It was good to know that even when you weren't sure what you could accomplish, they had faith in you and were willing to help and advise you however they could."

Eleanor is now a Physiotherapist.

Latasha Howells :

Latasha Howells

Latasha joined us in 2000.

Her favourite memory of school was going to college on a Friday. Her favourite teacher was:

Mrs Ingram, the best form teacher ever!

Latasha went to Moreton Morrell to study Agriculture, and then continued for a further 3 years gaining 2 diplomas. She met her husband there and now lives on a farm, running an equine livery business in Surrey.

Louie Johnson :

Louie Johnson

Louie started at Studley High in 2009.

He told us there were far too many good memories to choose just one!

The Italy trip was definitely one of the highlights of my time at Studley High. I made so many friends who will be with me for life.

He also told us that his favourite teacher was Mr Pickett, "a very inspirational and kind man who was responsible for my love for Science and encouraging students to do well."

Louie is now studying a Chemistry degree at University of Central Lancashire.

Genvieve Lowe :

Genvieve Lowe

Genvieve started at Studley in 2002.

She told us:

During my time at Studley High School I really enjoyed getting involved in extracurricular performing arts activities. I owe a lot to Studley High and all the teachers during my time there for supporting my passion and giving me plenty of opportunities to develop my skills! Whilst at Studley High, I played Rizzo in the school production of Grease, took part in the Shakespeare Schools Foundation (as Helena in A Midsummer Night’s Dream), was involved in a musical project (The Bee Musical) with local feeder primary schools, and won Studley’s Got Talent
with a tap dance routine. After finishing at Studley High School, I went on to complete my A Levels at North Bromsgrove Sixth Form. Having auditioned at a number of drama schools in the UK and being offered places at Colchester, Mountview and LIPA, I decided to accept my place at LIPA and moved to Liverpool to study a BA Hons in Acting.
Whilst I studied at LIPA I took part in a number of productions, including playing the role of Vic in the UK premier of Bucuresti, a new musical. I also provided voice over work for a Mexican animation company and sang in cabaret for Light’s Up Entertainment.
In 2013, I graduated from LIPA with a 1 st Class BA Hons in Acting and got to meet Sir Paul McCartney. Since graduation, I have worked professionally as an actor in a number of productions, including:
Present Laughter (Daphne Stillington), The Importance of Being Earnest (Cecily Cardew), Peter Pan (Wendy), The Wind in the Willows (Mole), and A Christmas Carol (Mrs Cratchit/Belle). I have also acted in a number of films, a highlight playing French Assassin in indie feature film (Kaleidoscope Man) that was released earlier this year. Last year I began working with Worcester Repertory Company, playing Desdemona in Othello at Worcester Cathedral, and The Good Fairy Azuriel in their pantomime Sleeping Beauty. Having always loved pantomime, I was over the moon to be offered the lead in Worcester Rep’s new pantomime this year: Maid Marian and the Merry Men. The pantomime has even been featured in the Stage Magazine for offering a new twist on the classic fairy tale, making the female character the hero of the story!
Alongside acting, I am also an Associate of the London College of Music and work as a musical director/choreographer on various young adult productions, most recently conducting the choir for G4 and Lesley Garrett at Festival on the Close and for G4 again at Birmingham Town Hall.

Thea Matthews :

Thea Matthews

Thea started at Studley High in 2006.

Thea's best memory is "somewhere between all the conversations I had with the amazing Mr Lopeman, the talent shows, the school production of 'Newsies' and the ski trip in Year 11 to Italy."

Thea's favourite teachers were Miss Beddoes (Drama) and Mrs Ingram (English), "they both pushed me and helped me throughout the GCSE years."

Thea is currently working as a freelancer and travel newsreader with Free Radio and the BBC.

Lewis Millington :

Lewis Millington

Lewis started at Studley in 2002.

I look back on my time at Studley fondly. Coming in to Year 7 as one of three from my feeder school I was anxious about making new friends and making the jump but because of the brilliant community setting the school provided, I settled quickly and certainly made the right choice. Real highlights were the activity weeks where we got to try skills outside of the curriculum like Asian cooking, Capoeira and learning the Maori Haka. Also there was an abundance of trips, Marle Hall in Wales and the Geography trip to Iceland in 2006 were particular highlights.

Lewis particularly remembers Mr Nicol in RS.

He was a fantastic teacher - dynamic and used pop culture through music and film to ensure that the messages in RS were accessible to his students.

Lewis is currently Subject Lead for Geography at Barton Peveril College in Eastleigh just outside of Southampton. Lewis found Geography at Studley engaging and enjoyed multiple trips locally to Birmingham city centre to see Urban change as well as Iceland which was 'awe-inspiring'. He told us it inspired him to study Geography A Level at Alcester Grammar school and now teach the subject!

Mike Morrison :

Mike Morrison

Mike joined in 2004.

He told us:

My best subject was IT. It was always a constant battle of balancing the work we needed to do with passing a memory stick around the room loaded with games.

I walked away with excellent grades. I remember Mr Lopeman, he was an excellent teacher. Whenever you were struggling with anything academic or otherwise he was always someone who was happy to listen and offer advice. A much loved teacher by all by my memeory.

Mike is now a Shift Manager at Halfords, and is responsible for all aspects of the daily running of a warehouse with around 80 colleagues and managers. He told us it was meant to be a 'stop gap' - a Christmas temp job after leaving school, for a couple of months prior to joining the Armed Forces.

I didn't ever end up leaving and have worked my way up.

Atiya Munir :

Atiya Munir

Atiya started at Studley in 2008.

Her memories of school:

Performing in the Christmas plays and pantomimes (I really miss acting!) Learning 'Hit me baby one more time' in German (Schlag mich baby noch einmal!) which I still sing to my friends doing German! Doing performances in the amphitheatre for History and Classical Civilisation, and holding our very own symposium. Helping design the Studley needle monument on the roundabout. Being a mentor and prefect! Also, being a house captain was very fulfilling and gave me invaluable leadership skills. I remember doing a sponsored silence for Children in Need....a 9 hour art exam! Participating in European Languages Week.

Teachers who inspired or stood out:

Madame Tarby-Donald - always praised me for my abilities in French, I always used to ask for more French homework. Mrs Ayton - advised me to go into translation. Miss Beddoes - helped me improve my confidence in performing, as well as self-confidence in general.

Atiya graduated in French, English Language and Italian at University of Birmingham last year.

I am now doing an MSc in Psychology and working in Community Management in Paris. I did a few summer internships and workshops in digital marketing and operations. I needed to get out of the UK before Brexit, so I applied for countless jobs, until my current manager replied. I can't even remember applying for my job, but I love it here! We are a young, dynamic, multicultural team, and I can speak in any language I want, which is just the job I was looking for after graduation.

Jack Nicholls :

Jack Nicholls

Jack started at Studley in 2005.

He remembers the teachers "only wanting the best for us."

He particularly remembers Mrs Joyce & Mrs Stephenson. "They always pushed me to be the best I could be."

Jack is now a Bakery Manager.

Sarah Pearce :

Sarah Pearce

Sarah Pearce (now Hughes) started at Studley in 2000.

She particularly remembers a school trip to Austria.

The skiing trip in 2004 to Innsbruck, Austria was my first ever school trip. I absolutely loved it but have not been on a skiing holiday since - just indoor slopes a couple of times. I also went on 3 French exchanges 2002 and 2003 Alient sur Son and Auxerre.

Her favourite teacher was Madame Tarby-Donald (MFL).

Mme Tarby really supported me through school. She was my form tutor and teacher for languages. Mrs Lott was also great support. I could be a bit of a chatterbox and concentration wasn't great so after having awful GCSE predictions, my stubborn side and determination took over. I ended up with an A 6 B's and 2 C's. I don't think she will ever realise the huge impact she had on my life and career and to have someone believe in you, meant so much to me. 

She says that Mme Tarby-Donald was, "The loveliest teacher, who would go above and beyond for all her pupils.

Sarah is particularly proud of her efforts, looking back, as she was diagnosed with dyslexia one month after starting college.

After leaving school, she started at Birmingham College of Food  (now UCB) and studied Heath Studies, ending with a commendation. This enabled Sarah to secure a place at Birmingham City University and she then trained to be a paediatric nurse.

After qualifying she then decided to become a Heath Visitor. Sarah completed placements on Intensive Care at Birmingham Children's Hospital (and loved it) and then secured her first position there. She has been a qualified Heath Visitor for 3 years now and . Her role is largely dealing with complex needs and safeguarding.

Ben Peat :

Ben Peat

Ben started with us in 2006.

He told us:

I remember my Maths teacher, Mrs Smith - she was certainly the most supportive teacher I had during my time in school. From both an academic and pastoral perspective she offered direction when I needed it - especially when it came to exam period.

Ben graduated from the University of Sheffield after 3 years of studying Law. Currently he is working in Risk for FCE Bank just outside of London as part of their Graduate Programme. He is part of the team responsible for managing Operational Risk across twenty-one countries in our European portfolio. He and his partner are in the latter stages of buying their first house together in Hertfordshire.

Charlotte Price :

Charlotte Price

Charlotte joined us in 2007.

She remembers the skiing trip to Italy in Year 10, the netball and rounders games against other schools and taking part in the Christmas concerts.

Her favourite teacher was Mrs Page (then Miss Flint).

Miss Flint was one of the most down to earth and relatable teachers I have ever had. Everyone I knew loved her History classes (and as my sister is now at the school, I know this is still true). She inspired my love of History, and as a result I took it at A Level.

Charlotte is currently studying abroad in Vienna, Austria on an exchange semester. From January she has an internship lined up with Expedia. After this she will be returning to Nottingham Trent University for one final year to complete her degree in International Business.

Leah Sargeant :

Leah Sargeant

Leah joined us in 2008 and particularly remembers going to Drayton Manor park at the end of the academic year to celebrate their successes. Her favourite teacher was Mrs Stephenson and she's now at University studying Biology.

Bethany Sharp :

Bethany Sharp

Bethany joined us in 2003.

She tells us she misses sitting on the field in the summer and seeing her friends everyday.

I remember Mrs Jowers the English teacher. She saw past my naughtiness and was very patient with me.

Sam Stephenson :

Sam Stephenson

Sam started in 2002.

He fondly remembers Music lessons and Miss Hopcroft who, "..always went above and beyond to help you out."

Sam is now a Conracts Superviser for Wychavon Council.

Ellie Taylor-Jones :

Ellie Taylor-Jones

Ellie joined us in 2006.

Ellie tells us,

My most memorable time was probably my first week in Year 7. I wore some dolly shoes with really plasticy bottoms (which I thought were really cool!) and the hall floor had clearly been polished. I remember counting that I had fallen over 10 times that first day. It helped me make friends at least. Another fond memory is when Mr Baxter took us on an incentive trip to go sailing and dented the roof of the minibus on a car park sign.

Ellie says that Mrs Joyce was her favourite teacher as she was" stern when necessary but so encouraging!".

Ellie now works for 'Helping Hands Homecare' in Alcester as a Country Manager for Eastern Europe. She recruits live-in carers and visits Hungary, Romania and Slovakia every month. She is also a homeowner and is getting married in 2019.

Victoria Turner :

Victoria Turner

Victoria joined Studley High in 2003.

Her favourite memory of school: "I finished an R.E lesson with Mrs Findley and went to walk down the stairs to the one way corridor. I tripped down the first set, top to bottom, got up brushed myself off only to drop top to bottom on the next set of steps and ended up falling face first on the floor in the middle of the one way corridor, while everyone was on their way to their next lesson!

She remembers Miss Hopcroft (Drama) because "she taught me that was it was okay to be a bit different and Mrs Smith (Maths) because "she made me believe in myself when I thought I couldn’t do it."

Tori is now a Retail Manager.

Adam Warren :

Adam Warren

Adam joined us in 2006. His memories include:

....doing the tech for the school performances. Me and my friend Paul Blackmore used to do the sound and lighting for all the shows that would take place on the stage. I used to stay after school to tinker and learn and we were given so much trust and responsibility to do it on our own. While we were there, the stage basically became our own private club. It's something that I really enjoyed and that helped get me where I am today!

When asked which were his favourite teachers, Adam told us, "It's hard to pick as they were all great at what they did. But I guess I have to shout out Mr Ball who was the best form tutor in the school."

Natalie Warren :

Natalie Warren

Natalie started at Studley in 2002.

She has many memories of school and particularly remembers Miss Sharma (Science) who accidentally set the science lab on fire with an experiment.

Natalie found many Studley teachers inspiring, "Mrs. Joyce was brilliant at helping you understand Maths and I think it's down to her that I did so well in my GCSEs. Miss Haines (Science) was a lovely lady who made you feel like she really had time for you, nothing was too much trouble. Mr Hoskins made English lessons really interesting and helped you really understand the subject. He was very encouraging too. Mr Pickett and Mrs Stephenson were brilliant too. Mrs Stephenson was very kind and caring. They both made you want to learn and kept you interested in what you were doing."

Natalie qualified as a Veterinary Nurse, but is presently working as a Funeral Arranger (which she says is her dream job.)

Francesca Wickstead :

Francesca Wickstead

Francesca started at Studley High in 2007.

She recalls creating videos in Biology! Her teacher memories include Mr Sidhu and Mr Lopeman for helping her get into Veterinary School.

Having graduated from Liverpool University Veterinary School as a Veterinary Surgeon she is now a small animal vet in Birmingham , mainly looking after cats & dogs (and occasionally small furries like rabbits & guinea pigs & other exotic animals, in her own words)

Liam Wright :

Liam Wright

Liam joined us in 2008.

He was inspired by music and performance during his time with us. He remembers all the school performances and concerts and told us Mr Wiltshire was particularly encouraging, "he really encouraged and challenged me as a guitarist and musician, to push myself."

Liam is currently studying for a degree in Professional Music Performance at BIMM Institute in Birmingham, hoping to go on to a career of pit bands and session musician work. "Being encouraged to perform so much during school really solidified my desire to pursue this as a career."

Sarah-Jayne Youngman :

Sarah-Jayne Youngman

Sarah-Jayne joined in 2007.

There were a group of us that used to go over to Henley High once a week for Health and Social Care lessons, those minibus journeys were some of my best memories - definitely had a lot of laughs.

Her teacher memories:

Miss Cross, my old English teacher was lovely she definitely helped me achieve better grades. My form tutor, Mr Guy was always hilarious and pretty chilled which was nice.

Sarah-Jayne works as an Adminstrator and also volunteers for the British Red Cross.