Catherine Blackmore :

Catherine Blackmore

Catherine joined Studley in 2010.

She was inspired by Mr Brooks (Science), "he was so set on getting pupils to do well and he went above and beyond to make sure they got the grades they wanted."

Catherine is now at De Montfort University studying Marketing.

Jenni Blundell :

Jenni Blundell

Jenni joined us in 2010 and her most memorable time at Studley High was 'Barcelona 2013'.

Her favourite teachers were Miss Hands, in MFL (now Mrs Morgan) and Mrs Ingram (English).

She took Business, Psychology & Spanish at A-level and is now at University of Sheffield studying Business Management.

Nicholas Bond :

Nicholas Bond

Nick joined Studley in 2010. He remembers the friendly staff and people in the Student Support Centre, where he enjoyed break and lunch-times, and his confidence grew.

His favourite teacher was Mr Brooks (Science). Nick says, "he was an excellent, amusing chemistry teacher who inspired me to take Chemistry A-level."

Nick is now studying A-Level Maths, Physics and Geography, to study Civil Engineering at University.

Caitlin Britt :

Caitlin Britt

Caitlin joined us in 2010 and has so many fond memories of the school, she couldn't pick just one.

She particularly remembers her English teacher, Mrs Ingram and recalled "she's really passionate about a subject that I love and encouraged me to pursue it after leaving Studley."
So much so that Caitlin is now studying English at the University of Exeter.

Ella Coleman :

Ella Coleman

Ella joined us in 2010.

She remembers results day and the leavers assembly.

Mrs. Edey inspired me the most, as she gave me the confidence needed to pass Maths (a subject I had once really struggled with). I achieved 3 A- levels in History, English Literature and Sociology. I have just started studying joint honours in Criminology and Sociology, at Coventry University.

Richard Croxford :

Richard Croxford

Richard started school here in 2010.

He told us about his memories of Studley High:

My best memories are about the teachers, all of whom were passionate and engaging, Mr Whitman, Ms Choudhry, and Mr Rose stand out particularly. I will always be grateful to Mr Rose for bringing out the best in my writing skills and helping me get an A in my GCSE Philosophy and Ethics.

Richard went on to study International Relations and Politics at University of Lincoln and is now studying a Masters in International Political Economy at the University of Birmingham, having graduated from Lincoln with a 1st.

Lucy-Beth Dodd :

Lucy-Beth Dodd

Lucy-beth joined us in 2013.

Her favourite memory is being able to perform on the night shows, as well as in front of the school.

Her favourite teacher was Ms Hatfield (Maths), who supported and encouraged her.

She is now studying Childcare Level 3.

Amy Flynn :

Amy Flynn

Amy joined us in 2010. Amy's favourite school moment, was, being Head Girl of 2015.

Head Girl was so much fun! It was like being a big sister to everyone and helped me make friends in other years too that I still keep in contact with now. The hardest bit was doing talks in front of the whole school, so many faces staring back at you but it was always a sense of achievement after doing them.

Her favourite teacher was Mrs Page, History, "always lovely and bubbly and passionate about her subject, everyone's favourite!"

Amy is currently studying Sports Journalism at the University of Gloucester.

James Hancox :

James Hancox

James started in 2010.

His favourite teacher was Mrs Page (History) or Mrs Edey (Maths).

Mrs Page always helped me out whenever I needed it. Mrs Edey helped me out especially in Year 11 when I was struggling with Maths and was potentially going to fail my GCSE Maths. Without her, I wouldn’t be at the level I am studying at now.

James is studying Level 5 HND in Public Services.

Charlotte Jones :

Charlotte Jones

Charlotte joined us in 2010 and particularly remembers Mrs Tarby-Donald (MFL) and said, "She was the best teacher ever and loved all her students."

Charlotte is now studying Primary Education at Nottingham Trent University.

Chloe Jones :

Chloe Jones

Chloe joined Studley High School in 2010.

Mrs Hatfield inspired me the most out of all the amazing teachers at Studley High, I really struggled with Maths throughout the five years but she really made it easy and fun for everyone in the class. Mrs Skelding also really inspired me in RE lessons which led to me choosing Theology as an A- Level.

After leaving Studley Chloe attended St Augustine's where she achieved 3 A-Levels in History, Theology and Sociology and is now working as a Building services Electrical Engineer.

Beth Parry :

Beth Parry

Beth joined Studley High School in 2011 and her favourite memories of school are: GCSE Music classes after school with Mr Wiltshire and GCSE Drama. 

Her most memorable time was 'results day'!

Beth particularly remembers Ms Beddoes (Drama), Mrs Harris (Chemistry), Mrs Smith (Maths) and Mrs Dunlop (English). They made her feel like they truly believed in her.

Since leaving school, Beth has passed her Clarinet Performance Diploma making her a professional musician. She is working on Grade 8 saxophone and has started flute and piano.

Beth is at sixth form hoping to be a medical student.

Bethany Preece :

Bethany Preece

Bethany started at Studley in 2010. She recalls her Maths lessons with Mrs Wall who "would always make our lessons hilarious and fun, she was the reason we all wanted to go to our lessons, she would always know how to make us laugh (tripping over people's bags and chairs) she was such an inspiration."

Mrs Wall  was the most loving and caring teacher you could have , she helped me achieve a good grade in Maths, which without her help, I couldn't have achieved. I really disliked Maths, but she was the one who helped me and made me the person I am today.

Bethany is now a part-time hairdresser.

Sophie Price :

Sophie Price

Sophie started at Studley in 2010.

She has great memories of Miss Beddoes (Drama). Mrs Beddoes inspired Sohpie to love drama and performance, making her realise from a young age exactly what field of work she was destined for!

Sophie has just started at the Birmingham School of Acting and she is studying 'Applied Performance'. She's hoping that in five years she'll be able to perform with a touring theatre company or run her own! (That's her dream!)

Charlotte Reeves :

Charlotte Reeves

Charlotte joined  us in 2012.

My best memory would probably be playing rounders every year in the summer with all my friends, as well as English lessons. D of E was also fun and great to look back on.

Charlotte remembers Miss Westmacott - "..she was so passionate about her subject and tried to make it as interesting as possible (even though she could tell most of us didn’t like physics). She put so much effort into her lessons."

Charlotte is currently in her final year of A Levels at Alcester Grammar School.

Emma Roberts :

Emma Roberts

Emma joined Studley High School in 2010.

She remembers Mrs Hatfield (Maths) who helped her to overcome her dislike of the subject and says that Mrs Hatfield made it much easier to understand.

Emma is now working in Engineering and is using her Maths skills daily!

Rosie Tipton :

Rosie Tipton

Rosie started in 2010.

"I was always the smallest child in class..."

Mrs Smith inspired me the most, she was always there for me every step of the way. She never failed to help me, her patience and understanding was amazing. She is truly the best. She still inspires me by looking after my younger brother.

Rosie achieved Level 3 Hospitality and is now studying a Foundation Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management at Bournville College.

Beth Wigham :

Beth Wigham

Beth joined Studley High in 2015.

I've always really loved school and learning and the thing I remember the most about Studley is learning what you never expected in the classroom. Whether that was interacting with others or how to navigate through life.

Her teacher memories:

Mrs Bowman-Dalton is a teacher who always pushed me to be better, because she believed I could be and that's something that you never forget.


I am in my third year of study at the University of York, working towards a Masters degree in Criminology. In my spare time I am employed as the Social Media Manager for the National Executive Sexual Violence Awareness Organisation the Last Taboo; as well as volunteering as the Press and Publicity Officer for their York Branch. This is work I would be more than happy to share with pupils or take on pupils for work experience opportunities.

Sean Yeomans :

Sean Yeomans

Sean started at Studley in 2010.

He says his most memorable moment, was "meeting the love of my life."

His favourite teacher was Maggie Edey (maths).

"She inspired me to pass my Maths GCSE and was one of my favourite teachers."

I went to college to study childcare for 2 years then I left college and now I’m working for a TV company. I do testing and diagnostics. I am still with the lovely Ella Coleman.