Donna Andrews :

Donna Andrews

Donna Andrew (now Hinson) started with us in 1973.

She recalls Mrs Hogarth being very strict and Mrs Osmond who was lovely, but:

Didn’t stand any messing about. She was witty and always engaged her pupils. We learned without realising we were learning and our group achieved excellent results in our exams. It was only thanks to her dedication and persistence that we all achieved well.

Donna now owns her own business.

Further and Higher education isn't for everyone and it wasn’t for me. I wanted to get out in the world and get a job. For many years I worked in an IT/Accounting environment but after marrying and relocating, I decided I wanted a different path. Eleven years ago, we purchased an existing business, a coffee shop and baguette takeaway.

Dave Atkins :

Dave Atkins

Dave joined us in 1976.

He has many fond memories of school especially "Mr Perkins - Technical drawing was my most enjoyable subject and he was always patient and willing to explain things that you didn't grasp."

Dave is now a manager of a waste to energy plant.

Esme Batchelor :

Esme Batchelor

Esme started in 1975. She remembers Studley High being, ..."a great school with excellent facilities."

She told us that Mrs Tracey was her favourite teacher, as "she always believed in me."

Esme is now a Personal Assistant to a Managing Director.

Andy Bird :

Andy Bird

Andy started in 1976.

He remembers Mr Granville who taught Woodwork and Mrs Holmes and Mr Parks, the Headmaster. He told us that Mr Kirk inspired him to keep an allotment later in life, from the lessons he had outside in the garden at school.

He told us "Mr Morris was just so mild mannered and listened to your problems."

Andy moved to Coventry 8 years ago and is a Janitor.

Nicola Chester :

Nicola Chester

Nicola Chester (now Brown) started at Studley in 1979.

She recalls:

I took part in Sweeney Todd & Toad of Toad Hall, plus a few others. I had my flute lessons in a portacabin! I had my photo taken with Roy Castle who was presenting at an awards evening! I had lines to write from Mr Bough, there were very strict rules on uniform, I made my school summer dress in needlework lessons.

About her teachers:

Mr Parkes was an excellent head teacher. But Mrs Tracey, Mrs Holmes & Mrs Robinson helped & inspired me.

Nicola currently works at a children’s, and has previously worked in retail, a bank for 7 years & as a teaching assistant for 10 years.

Keith Day :

Keith Day

Keith started at Studley High in 1974.

Keith remembers Mr Morris (so tall, they nicknamed him 'pylon'!)

One day in assembly the police had asked the headmaster to warn us all of the dangers of climbing on pylons. The headmaster, Mr Parkes made the comment and was greeted with a burst of laughter from the pupils. It wasn't very often you could get him speechless, but that was one of occasions especially as half the staff were smiling as well, including Mr Morris!

Keith's favourite teacher was Mrs Stanley. He tells us " she gave me confidence by believing in me."

Keith is now a full time carer, for his disabled wife.

Lisa Fitzgerald :

Lisa Fitzgerald

Lisa joined Studley in 1977.

She remembers the school cruise (!) on the SS Uganda.

Her favourite teacher was Mr Wilson (PE) because, "he let me play cricket (which the girls didn't do) and made me realise that if you wanted something badly, there would always be someone to help."

Lisa now works as a document controller.

Monica Griffin :

Monica Griffin

Monica started at Studley in 1975.

Monica remembers Mrs Farmer, who really encouraged her to re-join the hockey team after a knee operation. Monica states that she "really enjoyed sports in those days."

I started working in 1978 at 16 years old for HDA Forgings (Mettis Aerospace) as an office junior for 5 years, including 3 years part-time Business Education at Redditch College. After a redundancy I progressed to Brooklyn Garage, office clerk & accounts assistant, then moved on to two different local body repair shops.

Later, I worked again as an Accounts Manager at local plastics company and then moved to Poole, Dorset to work at a similar role for a software company in Ringwood.

I later moved back to Studley and worked as an Accounts Manager at a couple of local IT companies, moving to Bumble Hole Foods, Bromsgrove.

I currently work as an Accounts/Office Manager at Mayswood Garage, Wootton Wawen. I also work part time at a company in accounts/payroll on Sage systems which I am very experienced.

I have been very lucky never to be out of work for 40 years!

Sandra Hill :

Sandra Hill

Sandra Hill (now Callaghan) first came to Studley High in 1975.

Her memories include:

Very happy time feeling valued. Lots of great trips: skiing, Wimbledon, Wales. I got into music and sport, school performances band/musicals. I even remember Roy Castle who did the awards in 1980!

About the staff:

The lady PE teacher. She encouraged me to believe in myself.

Sandra is now a Secondary Music teacher, living in the Northwest of England:

I played in youth music groups and went on to study at Salford and Bath. Studley High gave me my first instrument thanks to the headteacher!

Sally Hollins :

Sally Hollins

Sally started here in 1977.

I remember the great plays I was lucky enough to perform in, especially 'The Card', as well as my English Teacher, Mrs Davies. She used to say "that's not a threat it's a promise'! She inspired me to do English A' Level. Mr Perkins was my first year from Tutor. He was lovely. He taught DT which was not considered a subject for Girls! Mrs Parker for Home Economics and Childcare. All the teachers were all so passionate about teaching!

I have been working at King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys, in King's Heath since 2003. I work in the school office monitoring attendance as well as administration.

Debbie Humphreys :

Debbie Humphreys

Debbie Humphreys (now Stanley) started with us in 1978.

Her memories:

Happy times - some great teachers who saw something in me and pushed me to achieve. Great discipline that taught us respect.

Her teacher memories:

Mr Roger Young, Mr Kevin Pickett, Miss Jo Chester, Miss Leatt.... who took us camping and climbing which I continued into adult life where I climbed in the Alps. Mr Grainger, a fabulous teacher, used to sit and chat to us in lessons about all sorts of things, probably learnt more about life in those informal chats than in a 'proper' structured lesson! Mrs Tracey - a bit of a stickler but taught us respect.
Mrs Titchmarsh, the best teacher EVER. taught me to type and set me up for my first ever job.

Debbie told us:

When I left school, I worked at a local estate agents, and then worked as a typesetter at WHY magazine, then a graphic designer in Astwood Bank. I ended up running a huge marketing department for Listers before finally working as a practice manager at my husband's dental practice until I retired early.

Thanks to my education & hard work in life this has enabled me to retire early and have the best life ever. I now make jewellery and crafts as a hobby.

Craig Hunt :

Craig Hunt

Craig joined in 1971.

Craig remembers, "in my first year the headmaster was Mr Harper who I understood to be an ex-military man. He gave house points for pupils who swung their arms when walking along the corridor! I stayed on for the 6th form and obtained an A Level in Economics which was possibly a one off."

Craig has memories of Mr Johnson (Maths) "...he had a great sense of humour and wrote 'annanarf' on the blackboard to denote 'and a half'! We were allowed to attend his funeral when he sadly died during my years as a pupil."

After a successful career as a Senior manager at Lloyd's Banking Group, Craig is happily retired and still lives in the village carrying out volunteer work.

David Hunt :

David Hunt

David started at Studley High in 1970.

He told us:

Looking back now, I really remember the sense of team work and our school trip to Wales.

His favourite teacher was Mr Johnson (Woodwork) who had, " a good sense of discipline."

David now loves in North Devon and is running a group of six McDonalds Restaurants with a work force of 464 staff and "enjoying life to the full." He tells us his wife is also Mayor of Barnstaple so they both have "a very full social life."

He also told us that when Prince Charles and Camilla visited Barnstaple as part of their Devon and Cornwall tour he and his wife (the mayor) met them both.
We accompanied them both throughout their visit as hosts and showed them around the local pannier market. We had great dialogue and it was an honour and a pleasure to be engaged in such a prestigious occasion.

Mark Hutchinson :

Mark Hutchinson

Mark joined in Year 9, in 1979.

He arrived at Studley High at the end of 2nd year going into 3rd from Greville High in Alcester. Playing musical instruments was something that came naturally to Mark; his Mum was a piano teacher.

I joined the school band and various groups and snapped up the opportunity to have the leading role in 'Smike', (a musical about Nicholas Nicholby and the life at Dotheboys Hall, very Dickensian!!) It was great fun and went down very well."

He remembers Mr Granville as "a cool dude!" He says, Mr Granville was "a man of the 60’s with an air of the free spirit. "I had metalwork with him but he was my year tutor at one point. He was the kind of person who treated you as an adult, would give you good advice and treat you fairly. He used to say to me, 'Remember Mark, an empty vessel makes the most noise!  It’s something I think of to this day."

Mark is a retired Military Musician and Police Officer.

I took my Music O’Level on June 28th 1982, on 29th I was in the Army as a musician. I served in The Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment, The Royal Engineers and the Army Air Corps until I left in 2005. I had the pleasure of soldiering in various wars, performing music all over the world including Royalty, heads of state and the public, had tea with The Queen, shook Princess Diana‘s hand, joked with Prince Charles and grew up the military way. After leaving the Army, I taught Music in Swindon before joining the Wiltshire Police 2006. I became a detective in 2009 and was knocked off my bicycle whilst cycling home in 2015 and was retired due to injuries sustained in the RTC 2016. I still play music in a local band and enjoy the piano at home in Chippenham, Wiltshire.

Paula Marshall :

Paula Marshall

Paula Marshall (now Thirtle-Watts) joined Studley in 1974.

She recalls the school trip to London when "we went to see Jesus Christ Superstar - I've loved musicals ever since...and going to see Romeo and Juliet as an outside performance at night with Mrs Hogarth."

Paula remembers Mr Parkes for "...teaching accounts (debits and credits finally clicked the day of the exam!), Mr Snell for finally making Maths make sense, Mrs Robinson because I loved French and Mrs Hogarth because she terrified me!!"

After I left Studley High I went to Stratford College and studied for a BEC National Diploma in Business Studies and then went on to Leamington College to do a Personal Assistants Course. We then lived in Florida between 1983 and 1987 where I worked as a nanny and then as a secretary in a bank. When we returned to the UK I decided I needed a more challenging career and so went to Birmingham Polytechnic as a mature student to do an Accountancy Foundation Course. I qualified as an ACCA in 1992 and I am now Corporate Manager for a firm of chartered accountants in Shrewsbury and celebrate my 30th year with them this year!

Joanne Parker :

Joanne Parker

Jo joined us in 1977.

Jo remembers a Geography field trip to Conwy in North Wales (but wouldn't expand on why!)

She recalls that Mr Wilson always made lessons interesting and was a very fair teacher.

Jo is now a Charity worker in North Wales.

Sally Parker :

Sally Parker

Sally Parker (now Jenkins) started at Studley in 1976.

She particularly remembers the School cruise on the SS Uganda!

Her memories of teachers:

Mrs Titchmarsh was a brilliant teacher and her lessons were always my favourite.

She now works as an Investment Support Officer giving business advice, support and managing grants within the Caerphilly Borough in South Wales.

After school, Sally joined the Army and was stationed around the world before settling in South Wales. She has worked in insurance, childcare, completed AAT qualifications and the moved on to working in business support. She has 3 children and 3 grandchildren!

Caroline Parr :

Caroline Parr

Caroline joined Studley High in 1970.

Her memories of school include:

The school was traditional, in that boys did metalwork and woodwork and girls learnt to cook, sew and type. The girls appealed against this in 1974 but were overruled, there was a pupil strike one summer where we all ran off across the playing field, but soon ran back after Mr Harper, the headteacher, appeared!
I was part of a production of Macbeth one year, directed by Mrs Hogarth, starring Martin Homer and Hilary Berry. All the props were made in school, I had to catch Lady Macbeth when she fainted. It is still my favourite Shakespearean play to this day. I went on the YHA trip to Ross on Wye and we walked to Tintern Abbey.
There was a school disco, like a prom, each year just before we left and I remember Slade’s Merry Christmas had just been released.

She recalls the staff too:

Mrs Hogarth was scary but amazing, she was a Geordie and very dramatic. She had red hair, artfully held back in a tortoiseshell clip, a black velvet suit, red lipstick and clicking heels. She told us if she woke us in the middle of the night and asked us to quote from certain pages of “Wuthering Heights,” we should know it off by heart. Her fantastic teaching earned me two A's at English O Level and the English prize, unfortunately Maths wasn’t so impressive!
Mrs Owens was a great Art teacher. I loved the pottery room with the kiln and learning about slip glazes.
Mrs Thomas taught Music and Cookery, her background in Welsh choirs helped us to understand how to sing.
I remember Miss Turner in Geography teaching us about glaciers and Mrs Profitt in History, teaching the industrial revolution.
They were both quite trendy in tank tops and blouses with ridiculously long collars. We could always hear the girls learning to type to the William Tell overture next door and the typewriters going 'ping'. I point blank refused to learn to type or to do shorthand.
Sport was good I loved athletics and being in the relay team, training on the excellent track each summer.
We actually had teachers who really cared, which counted, as failing the 11 plus put you at a real disadvantage educationally, with a presumption you would not go to university and would follow a technical education.
A small group of us fought to take O Levels rather than CSEs in our year and were forced to study two syllabuses in case we failed the O Levels.
In total I did eight years of further education to make up for this prejudice.
So I truly thank the teachers, for their belief in us.

Caroline told us of her path after school:

After leaving school at 16, I went to college in Stratford on Avon, to study hotel management and then to the College of Food in Birmingham to enter the HCIMA as a professional manager. I then completed a management training scheme with Trust House Forte Hotels, working in Birmingham, Cardiff and York where I became a Food and Beverage Manager. I then transferred to London to work in corporate hospitality for BP in the city.

I took a break to have my two sons, and then retrained as a teacher at the Institute of Education UCL, also completing an MA in Religious Education, whilst working in two schools. 16 years ago,

I founded a small private school in central London for a charity, which has grown into a successful, well regarded school. We pride ourselves on our multicultural, diverse community, support for children with SEND and transition to both selective and state schools. We offer French, Spanish, Yoga, Art, Forest School, Music, Dance and Cookery in our curriculum. As a headteacher I am passionate about inclusion, opportunity and lifelong learning. I love my job and I have the same humorous, relaxed approach, I enjoyed from some of my teachers at Studley High School.

Kathryn Rose :

Kathryn Rose

Kathryn Rose (now Pitt) started at Studley in 1978.

She particularly recalls the strict discipline! She had many enjoyable times especially the amazing concerts and shows.

Four teachers stood out for Kathryn: Miss Turner, Mrs Tracey, Mrs Stanley and Mrs Hatton.

Kathryn now lives in Dorset, with her husband and two daughters, after living in North Yorkshire for 16 years.

I feel teachers play a huge part in your love for a subject.

Shelley Preece :

Shelley Preece

Shelley Preece (now Dipple) started at Studley in 1977.

Her favourite memory was the school cruise on the SS Uganda.

She remembers Mr Snell and is now an HR Assistant at YMCA.

Jane Rufini :

Jane Rufini

Jane Rufini (now Newey) started in 1971.

She told us that her time at Studley High School was a 'very happy time.'

She remembers the Deputy head, Mrs Hogarth.

Jane started her career in the Ambulance service then became a nurse in a GP practice. She now lives in France with husband and daughter.

Julie Sankey :

Julie Sankey

Julie started in 1979.

She recalls two trips to France, playing hockey, "..the laughter", cookery lessons, and getting lost when she first started at school

Julie is now a Social Work Manager.

Amazingly enough after several years in the care sector, and after becoming a Mum, I went to Uni & qualified as a social worker.

Annette Smith :

Annette Smith

Annette Smith (now Williams) started at Studley in 1979.

Her memories of school were all very positive. Her favourite teacher was Mrs T and favourite subject was Typing. She also recalls Mrs Stanley, Mr Kirk and Mr Young.

She remembers a French trip and a Geography trip to Cheddar Gorge.

Annette moved to South Wales in 1988 and is now a medical secretary in a small valley GP practice.

She recently came to have a tour of school and saw all the changes since she was a pupil.

Ann-Marie Smith :

Ann-Marie Smith

Ann-Marie joined us in 1975.

She told us she enjoyed everything about school.

Her favourite teacher was Mrs Tracy, "she took the time to listen", she told us.

Ann-Marie now works in nursing, with adults who have challenging behaviour.

Garrie Smith :

Garrie Smith

Garrie joined Studley High in 1970.

He remembers the football tour to Belgium and Christmas class performances.

He is now a Coffee Trainer.

I’d trained and worked as Chef from school.The restaurant I worked at bought a second hand Espresso machine and no one knew how to use it, (there was no internet at the time!).  I went to the library and found several coffee books and taught myself to dial the grinder in (set grind of the coffee), set dose of water through machine for coffee, and correct technique for frothing milk, creating somewhat of a passion for coffee.

After a while the opportunity to join Bewley’s Coffee arose, in a sales capacity. Not sure if I could or would be able to sell coffee I took the job knowing I could fall back on catering if it didn’t work out. I loved it.

As time progressed I found I was doing more and more training as opposed to selling, and was asked if I wanted to do training full time, ultimately becoming UK Training Manager.

Since then I have had several Training Manager positions with Bewley’s,  Aramark, Lavazza and Coffeeman Devon.

Andy Somner :

Andy Somner

Andy joined us in 1979. His most memorable moment was representing Warwickshire in football  vs Leicester City and playing against Gary Lineker!

Andy remembers Mr Wilson and Mr Hyslop - "both firm but fair."

Andy is an Operations Manager at Toolstation national distribution centre, in charge of 130 colleagues.

David Sreeves :

David Sreeves

David joined Studley High School in 1977.

He remembers Mr Young, who ‘spoke to me on a level.’

He spent 14 years as a Land Survey Manager with a large engineering company. He now owns and lets property, works part time on AutoCad and after all that, he takes part in ultra-distance cycling.

Melanie Such :

Melanie Such

Melanie joined us in 1979. She remembers the school disco, John Swanick always getting the cane, Mr. Wright shouting really loudly, getting reprimanded by Mr Granville for 'sneaking out at lunchtime to the chippy', coming 2nd in Miss Junior Studley High in 3rd year & riding on the carnival float.

She remembers Mr. Pickett from her days at Studley High.

She is now a Theatre Admin Clerk in a hospital. Melanie went back to college aged 30, to complete her A Level equivalent course & succeeded in Human Biology.

Linda Thompson :

Linda Thompson

Linda joined us in 1970. She particularly recalls a trip away - one year, a group of friends held a midnight feast in the YMCA in Ross on Wye!

Linda remembers Mrs Titchmarsh as her favourite teacher, "she was a lovely lady who had time for everyone. Not only did she make us learn to type blindfolded but made our lessons fun."

Linda now works as a freelance Personal Assistant for clients across the world.

Andrew Vale :

Andrew Vale

Andy started at Studley in 1975.

Andy remembers a trip to Wales, climbing and hiking in snow up to his chest!

He particularly remembers Mrs Tracy.

He now works in the prison service, "'s something different, I was a firefighter in Studley for 23 years, but decided to re-train."