Helen Barratt :

Helen Barratt

Helen Barratt (nee Howes) joined in 1982.

Helen's favourite memories are two school trips: In 1985 - Europe and in 1987 - America (organised by Mr Granville).

She remembers Mrs Pinfold & Mrs Stanley (she tells us they were always cheerful and kind.)

Helen worked in the Sales Office at Jewson Builders Merchants and is now a 'stay at home Mum'.

Victoria Benson :

Victoria Benson

Victoria Benson (now Costanza) started in 1985 at Studley High.

She recalls:

...going to Wookey Hole, we laughed a lot. Also there was a really good trip to a local Hall for a few of us which I remember involved a night time outdoor activity which was so much fun.

She remembers the staff:

Mrs Tracy was amazing and I now teach literacy to some lovely pupils with, hopefully a near same zest for it and passion!

Victoria now works with "wonderful pupils who need a lot of help to find their place in the world. It is the most rewarding, beautiful - sometimes challenging job in the world!".

Paul Biggs :

Paul Biggs

Paul joined in 1983.

His memories include having to sit outside the head masters office, after being sent out of class, whilst everyone walked past between classes. Shameful!

He remembers Mrs Owen (Art) who was, he says, "a great Art teacher with a fantastic sense of humour."

Paul is now a National Design & Build Manager for Vodafone, based in Leeds.

Adrian Burman :

Adrian Burman

Adrian joined in 1987.

He remembers James Handslip, Simon Bailey and himself performing “Man in the Mirror” on video which was shown in assembly to the whole school. (Adrian says "If you still have that, you have a very expensive bargaining tool!") 

His favourite teacher was Mr Perkins, who was "an amazing swimmer for for a disabled gentleman."

Adrian now works as a General and MSK Sonographer providing Specialist Ultrasound (privately and through NHS). We asked him why ultrasound?

Well I always wanted to do physiotherapy, specifically sports physio but I couldn’t get in due to demand. I looked at radiography as in X-rays etc, looked really good so I did that. Once I started the placement at the hospital, they put me in Ultrasound, fell in love with it straight away. I had to spend a minimum of 2 years in X-ray before I could specialised in Ultrasound. I did that of course and now finally have come full circle, using Ultrasound to diagnose sports injuries. So I got there in the end. I now do a lot of private work as well as NHS and also teach at medical conferences as musculoskeletal ultrasound is very specialised as not many do it but massively in demand, which is good obviously."

Anthony Burman :

Anthony Burman

Anthony joined us in 1985.

His fondest memories of school are, "Cross Country, Technology projects and School discos."

His teacher memories were: Mr Whiteman (Maths) - 'Memorising Pie'... Mrs Stanley (Science) and her bunsen burners and Mrs Owens - 'writing out lines'!

Anthony went to Alcester Grammar for A Levels after Studley and then eventually to London Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine.

Anthony is a GP, working for the NHS until 2015 and now for BUPA.

Rebecca Cook :

Rebecca Cook

Rebecca joined us in 1980.

Her most vivid memory of school:

There was a fire in the school hall and we were all sent home.

Rebecca told us, "I was in a few plays that I enjoyed."

She remembers Mrs Owen, "I wanted to be an artist but she had a lot of patience with me because she knew I wasn't good enough."

Rebecca is housekeeping full time and singing part time.

She sings at care homes as well as a couple of pubs and clubs. She sings 40's 50s and 60's songs. She has also sung for the British Legion in Alcester and Polperro in Cornwall.

Claudia Cutts :

Claudia Cutts

Claudia Cutts (now May) joined us in 1980. She remembers the tuck shop, school discos, lining up after break and lunch to come inside, being told by Mrs Tracey that you could only wear one pair of earrings, one in each ear, gold or silver sleepers or studs and that you couldn’t wear boots with summer uniform or sandals with winter uniform!

Her favourite teacher was ,"Mr Wilson who used to teach RE, Mr Hyslop, the PE teacher, and my brilliant English teacher (set 2)."

Claudia is now a swimming teacher and she loves it.

I worked in offices for years but after I had my son, I re-trained and now do a job I love. I’ve always loved swimming and used to go in the school holidays with friends.

Stephen Dutton :

Stephen Dutton

Stephen joined Studley High in 1984.

He recalls feeling like he wasn't very good at woodwork at school. He then went on to work at 'Cameo' in Studley as a carpenter and hand crafted half of the kitchens in Studley (his words!) and surrounding villages.

Stephen now works for Glasshouse in Redditch, as a glazier

Ian Dyer :

Ian Dyer

Ian started at Studley in 1985.

His fondest memories are of being part of the school football team with his friends. He remembers Mr Baxter (PE) who supported Ian with looking at a career in coaching sports, which Ian did for many years.

Ian now support adults with learning disabilities to access the local & wider community. He supports them with all aspects of their lives to offer them a sense of belonging within the local community.

Stefan Edwards :

Stefan Edwards

Stefan joined in 1981.

He told us that Studley "inspired me to fight, to be determined and driven."

He tells us that the fight and determination in him might have been what drove him to succeed as a surgeon.

He remembers Mrs Stanley particular.

Stefan completed a Diploma in Podiatric Surgery at the New Zealand College of Podiatric Surgery after a B.Sc.(Hons) Degree in Podiatric Medicine at Brighton University,
He is now a podiatric surgeon in New Zealand.

Kay Elliott :

Kay Elliott

Kay Elliott (now Guilfoyle) started in 1980.

Our year started the tuck shop!

I also remember spotting Roy Castle walking around the school on his own (he came to present awards to 5th year students).

Kay remembers Miss Chester, Mr Hyslop and Mrs Owens.

She is now a Consultant in Sales.

Emily Grimble :

Emily Grimble

Emily Grimble (now Herbert)  came to Studley in 1984.

She fondly recalls the French exchange to Allant sir Tholon and is still in touch with her exchange partner Stephanie!

Her memories of the staff include: Miss Leatt, Miss Chester & Mr Hyslop - she loved PE and all the matches she used to play after school.

She currently works in management accounting for the NHS.

Marie Guilfoyle :

Marie Guilfoyle

Marie joined us in 1987.

She recalls 'Activity Week' as her favourite time at school. Her favourite teacher was Mrs Tracey and she is now a Sales Co-ordinator.

Lee Hickin :

Lee Hickin

Lee joined Studley in 1981.

I have so many memories: very clear memory of the camping trip to Europe (I still have so many photos) in1983 where we visited the pyramids and so much more. My fondest memories from my time at Studley High School were participating in the school productions; I was lucky to play the lead in Bugsy Malone in 1985 (I still have a copy of it from the original VHS tape).

Memories of the staff:

All of the teachers in some way shaped my life of course - Mrs Holmes for History, Mrs Whiteman for Maths etc.. but I remember Mrs Tracey most fondly for her support and encouragement to get out of my shell and step onto the stage.

Lee moved to Australian 1996 and has been living there ever since. He is currently the Chief Technology Officer for Microsoft Australia, having been interested in computers since the late 70's.

Debbie Hill :

Debbie Hill

Debbie joined us in 1986. She told us she loved her time at school and remembers Miss Leatt being her favourite teacher. "She was so energetic and dedicated."

Debbie is now a Police Officer.

Debbie Hulland :

Debbie Hulland

Debbie Hulland (now Lamb) started at Studley in 1982. She recalls laughing and having plenty of fun whilst at school. Mr Perkins (Maths) really helped her to understand the subject.

Debbie is a full-time mum.

Della Jackson :

Della Jackson

Della Jackson (now Green) started in 1981.

She recalls her one particular needlework lesson.."I made a skirt and it didn't even fit when I finished it!"

She remembers Mrs Homes (History) was her favourite teacher and she now works at the Alexandra Hospital, Redditch.

Justin Kerridge :

Justin Kerridge

You may know Justin Kerridge as District Councillor for Studley, representing the local community, but Justin is a former Studley High School pupil who joined us in 1980.

Justin had fond memories of school productions and in particular his teacher, Mrs Tracy, who was passionate about literature and performance.

Nikki Lee :

Nikki Lee

Nikki joined in 1983.

She remembers her 1st French exchange and French teacher, Mrs Robinson who retired at the end of her fourth year in school.

Nikki met her years later at the NIA - sat behind her watching Davis Cup tennis!

Nikki is now an insurance specialist for the Legal sector.

Victoria Murch :

Victoria Murch

Victoria joined us in 1984.

Her favourite memories of school, were the two trips to Belgium for History GCSE.

She currently works as an HSA at Alexandra Hospital in Redditch, after joining a Youth Training Scheme, after leaving school.

Tracey Pinfield :

Tracey Pinfield

Tracey joined us in 1981.

She has fond memories of "..dressing up as a rabbit for Wind in the Willows play."

She tells us that she was in top set "...which I struggled to keep up with and only got average grades due to exam nerves. I didn't know what I wanted to do at 16 so I joined a youth training scheme and worked at 2 companies for 2 years and had day release at college."

Tracey's favourite teacher was Mrs Robinson (French).

Mrs Robinson was a lovely teacher. Very supportive. If children were not listening they would be told off....uniform rules were very strict. You had to wear a skirt, girls weren't allowed to wear trousers and skirts had to be knee length. No ankle socks were allowed they had to be knee length."

After college, Tracey gained full time employment in an office which varied from administration to telephone work. She then worked for a company in exporting and her current job is in purchasing, which she has been in for the past 17 years. She tells us she chose purchasing through an agency to gain more confidence and knowledge.

The role can be challenging as I deal with many suppliers abroad so logistics can be a challenge! The best part is building relationships with suppliers who then gain your trust and work harder for you. Working with colleagues of different ages personalities and skills is very interesting.

Jessica Portman :

Jessica Portman

Jessica Daly (nee Portman) started in 1983.

"I have many memories of school, we used to have trips every year. We went to Barry Island one year and London another. "

Jessica remembers Mrs Tracey. She is now a Sheltered Housing scheme manager. 

Denise Ritchie :

Denise Ritchie

Denise joined us in 1985.

Denise recalls 'Young Enterprise Week'. She tells us that her favourite teachers were Mr. Grainger and Mrs Stanley, "they were the kindest and most nurturing teachers, always had time to spend with you if you were struggling and made me feel confident in my abilities. I had and still have the utmost respect for them."

Denise is now a Pharmacy Technician.

Damon Shinnie :

Damon Shinnie

Damon joined us in 1980.

He remembers Mr Jenkins 'left and right handed' screwdrivers.

"Mr Parkes set me on my career path as an accountant."

Damon is now Head of Finance for a law firm that specialises in Intellectual Property.

Andrew Smith :

Andrew Smith

Andrew joined Studley in 1987.

He tells us his time here was generally 'a happy time' and he enjoyed his years at Studley High.

He particularly remembers Mrs Daniels.

Andrew is now an Operations General Manager for a large IT company. He went on to completed a BTEC ND in Computer Studies which paved the way for his career in IT.

Paul Such :

Paul Such

Paul joined us in 1981. His favourite school memory was a school trip around Europe.

His favourite teacher was Mr Morris, "very understanding teacher and very much liked."

Paul is now living in Tiverton, Devon - working in accounts for a hotel.

Liane Walford :

Liane Walford

Liane started in 1982.

She loved netball, swimming and tennis and played netball and tennis for the school teams.

She tells us that Mrs shuck was 'awesome'.

Liane is now a semiconductor technician.

After leaving school in 1987, I joined a Youth Training Scheme at Turner International in Alcester, this was a secretarial office position. I completed the training, moved away with my father's job and then worked at Warner Lambert pharmaceutical in South Wales,where I obtained a Certificate in Microbiology. This company moved to Germany so I then moved to a semiconductor plant which puts information onto bare silicon before being made into microchips for the Ministry of Defence, the automotive industry and computer giants like Apple and IBM etc. I have been employed here for 24 years.

Joanne Williams :

Joanne Williams

Joanne joined Studley in 1984.

One of my best memories was the America '87 trip in my 4th year at Studley High. A three week trip which was groundbreaking, and had never been done before. It was a road trip around Orlando and various Florida states.

Mrs Tracey, Mrs Owens and Mr Grainger really stood out as teachers and got the very best out of me in Art, Music and English. I have a real fond memory of most of my teachers.

Joanne now works in catering at a private school and also at a bar on some evenings.